Duets # 31

Today another duet from the French 1988 TV-show ‘Le grand echiquier’. It is the duet Dame Shirley Bassey does with Charles Trenet. Song: ‘I wish you love’.

Translation of the article above (By Ed, Christophe and Pieter): (With special thanks to Andre for the article)

Will Shirley Bassey sing ‘Stormy Weather’ at ‘Le Grand Echiquier’?

The inimitable performer of ‘Goldfinger’, Shirley Bassey, made the trip to Paris for the ‘Grand Chessboard’: a rare opportunity to see this lady perform some of her immortal melodies live. It is however very likely that we won’t get to hear one of her most famous songs, ‘Stormy weather’. Shirley Bassey confided one day that as just stated in the title, she felt her nerves tense. ‘Stormy Weather’ in fact didn’t bring her any luck. One day in England, she performed this song when an outage plunged the room into darkness and even she was terrified, she had to go on in order not to put the public into panic. Another time, on the same air, her belt broke and she found herself on stage with just a garter belt. Later, she had to share stage with a fire-eater doing his number. She was so impressed by the flames that she repeated the same verse three times without realizing it. Finally, in Melbourne, Australia, the stage production decided that she would make her entry in a large shell which was supposed to open when the music started but the machinery broke completely and Shirley sang ‘Stormy Weather’ from inside the shell! Since then, she does not want to tempt fate. And, if she perfoms ‘Stormy weather’ on ‘Le Grand Equiquier’, you now know that it will be a true event!