Today some newspaper articles from 1960. No album releases that year but Shirley Bassey made her first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show where she performed a fabulous version of ‘ s Wonderful with a very beautiful and different arrangement. Unfortunately some reporter from the USA with bad taste didn’t think she was so great. Below the comment he wrote but also the song he is referring to so you can judge for yourself!

1960 BH NMEBassey30thSept

3 thoughts on “FROM THE ARCHIVE 514 -1960-”

  1. The MEMORIES come flooding back, I was 20 years old & the
    FABULOUS SHIRLEY BASSEY was 23 years old, 40years, long before becoming a DAME OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE , in the year 2000, was to me ALREADY the GREATEST DAME IN THE WORLD & as she is still today at 84 THE GREATEST DAME & ENTERTAINER IN THE WORLD. I’m 81 & DSB 84 , they are just numbers [ JUST ] with God’s help as the song says, WEV’E GOT A LOT OF LIVING TO DO .
    Thanks Pieter
    Dennis Jersey Channel Islands

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  2. About this “‘s Wonderful”, I have to admit, vocally not a very secure rendition… but her long earrings had the most annoying part in this… Hahaaaaa..

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  3. Great archive Pieter. DSB looked and performed beautifully. Overtime she toned down or I should say perfected her moment timing where it became second nature but not overdone. Pieter. What episode of the Ed Sullivan Show did DSB and Mr. Sullivan do a skit where they order hamburgers and coffee at a very upscale restaurant. I’ve tried to locate it on YouTube. Was it on this broadcast?

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