Today 5 newspaper articles from 1961. This year Shirley embarked on her second Australian tour and 2 albums were released that year. ‘Shirley’ with Geoff Love and his orchestra and ‘Shirley Bassey’ with The Rita William Singers and Geoff Love and his Orchestra.

3 thoughts on “FROM THE ARCHIVE 515 -1961-”

  1. When you read these old articles you realize that all this happened 60 years ago!!!!…. What an exceptionally long career for this world star! How privileged we are that we have been able to enjoy her talent for so long! Fantastic!!!!💝💝💝💝


  2. Very interesting. DSB appeared in many of the categories. She and Helen Shapiro were almost neck to neck most of the time. I love the picture of her with the Welsh Dolls. Who is Haley Mills Pieter. I’m thinking of the actress. Thank you.


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