Duets # 34

Today we go back in time to the year 1982. I know we were already in 1988 with the duets and I am trying to post the duets chronological but we discussed about this one whether to call it a duet or not. It is a duet of Shirley Bassey with Edy Gorme. Song: Watch What Happens. This was part of a medley of songs from the 1982 Midem music festival in Cannes from that year. It was hosted by Michel Legrand and Shirley Bassey opened the festival. She sang: ‘oldfinger, All By Myself and The New York Medley. The show was released on video and called The Sound Of Applause but this medley of all the involving artists at the end of the show, was not included nor was the New York Medley. The whole show was televised in France (where it was called Le Grand Studio) and some South American countries and we were able to find it.

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