From TV-Wunderland, IFA Berlin, 26 August 1971 this wonderful clip where Shirley Bassey performs 3 songs: For All We Know, Yesterday When I was Young & Something. (Special thanks to John for this great find).  Musical director Brian Fahey. Shirley from 41 minutes on and at 1:28 minutes.







4 thoughts on “TV-Wonderland”

  1. Thanks for this video. Great to see Shirley in something I’ve never seen before, but in fact I enjoyed the whole show and good to see all the other performers, most of which I had never heard of here in the UK. The bands were fantastic. Its such a shame we don’t get these types of TV shows anymore. Steve

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  2. I agree completely with Mr Steve!!
    What a ver special and formidable show!!
    Thank you so very much for it Pieter!!
    This is TOP!!!

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