Duets # 38

Today the duet Shirley Bassey did with Chris Rea for his film from 1996 ‘La Passione’. The film was a flop unfortunately but had a great soundtrack that was released on CD and reached # 43 on the charts. I tried to watch it three times but never made it till the end.  Shirley sang two songs for the film La Passione and Shirley Do You Own A Ferrari and she sounded and looked fabulous. Apparently a lot of footage of Shirley for the film was edited out, unfortunately. Chris Rea describes his film as “various fantasies of Italy and Ferrari’s, set to music”, so it’s a mix of his own real passions: music, cars and Italy.  

Dame Shirley Bassey attended the premiere of the movie with three of her grand sons.

3 thoughts on “Duets # 38”

  1. Went to the cinema to see this, for Shirley of course, and la passione was in the film and was fab. Alas when I bought the video it had been cut out, such a shame

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  2. Thanks Pieter. I can’t watch the movie all the way through either. I do enjoy seeing and hearing DSB performance, and the clips of her and Chris Rhea’s interaction while filming. They seemed to have a wonderful rapport with each other and DSB seemed to be flattered to be in the project. Thanks again Pieter.


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