The year 1979 was a significant year in the career of Shirley Bassey.  There was the recording of 6 BBC shows and a world tour. A disco version of This Is My Life was released in Europe and the USA on a single and a maxi single in different versions. The European version had The Magic Is You on the backside and the USA version had Copacabana on the back side. She got divorced and became a grand mother that year.

2 thoughts on “FROM THE ARCHIVE 533 -1979-”

  1. Thanks a lot Pieter. I love both versions of La Vita, and I’m shocked that the 1968 and 1979 versions were not gigantic hits. I always thought it was. DSB looks and sounds lovely in both performances. Thanks again Pieter.


  2. THIS IS MY LIFE, { Both Versions } BUT, The 1968,Single was for me
    on it’s release in 68, the GREATEST SINGLE Dame Shirley had EVER released because The ENGLISH LYRICS written by Norman Newell just
    summed up everything about BASSEY, everything from as DYNAMIC,
    a performance as anyone can give, DAME SHIRLEY BASSEY , IS THE


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