The year 1980. Shirley Bassey had left United Artists Records and moved to Los Angeles for a while. She did a world tour and of course the highlight was the recording of a great concert in Amsterdam. Also Shirley was on the Muppet show and there was a re-run of the six 1979 BBC shows on TV. No new single or album releases that year.

3 thoughts on “FROM THE ARCHIVE 534 -1980-”

  1. `a Special Lady` shown on the ITV Thames channel was believed to have been recorded in 1982 and was shown at the end of that year as it contains songs from the new album `Love Songs` or `All By Myself` title. I was lucky to see 3 of the 7 performances in London . Shirley reopened the Apollo Victoria and on the closing night said she was leaving her shoes behind! Also that night was special as after a request, sang `La Vita` ( the English/Italian version of `This Is My Life` and encored with a genuine encore regaling the MD with “follow me Michael! “The Greatest performance Of My Life”


  2. Thank you Terence, you are talking of the 1982 UK tour? I remember her singing many of the tracks off the ‘Love Songs’ album, and also on the ITV Thames TV special.


  3. Wow 1980 – The first time I saw Ms Bassey in concert at Carnegie Hall late summer or early fall. I had a hectic schedule that whole day, was running late & almost didn’t make the concert & afterwards immediately had to zoom off to the Port Authority bus station for a bus for Florence S.C. to see my fiance. I remember I couldn’t rest on the bus for remembering her thunderous performance – especially how she performed the songs “The Magic is you”, “Feelings”, & “You take my heart away”. The only time I heard her perform those songs out of all my 10 concerts to see her in either Manhattan or Westbury NY. Although I’d become a fan since I bought my first LP by her, “Love, life and Feelings” in 1976 and the next “You take my heart away” that concert officially made her my all time favorite female vocalist to this very day. She is the absolute GREATEST UNMATCHED ! LONG LIVE THE DAME !!


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