Shirley Bassey on the 1971 Ed Sullivan Show # 1

For this Video Showcase we have a video of the Ed Sullivan Show that  Shirley Bassey was on, from 1971. She performed a medley of ‘What about today/Yesterday when I was young’ from the ‘Something album’. On part two on the next Video Showcase a sketch Shirley did with Ed Sullivan. Also below two clips from another Ed Sullivan Show that she was on from October 12, 1969 where she sang I’ll Never Fall In Love Again and This Is My Life.

10 thoughts on “Shirley Bassey on the 1971 Ed Sullivan Show # 1”

  1. So good to hear here in full flight – a young voice with virtually no limits. Even if American TV did insist in dressing her like a nun!


  2. Thank-you very much, Pieter, for this wonderful Ed Sullivan clip. Ed Sullivan Productions guards this footage against people showing it without approval, so it’s great that you are able to show it at all! I also have this footage, but have not placed it on youtube. As you know, and many others do as well, both of our accounts were closed a few years back for showing Ed Sullivan material. This stuff is for the world to see, so I don’t see why they are so hard a…..! Thank-you again!


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