2.4 Children (I’m in my warehouse)

On today’s Video Showcase a clip of a British TV-series from the 90’s called ‘2.4 Children’. In this hilarious episode two women are looking for a warehouse to start their own business and they end up in Dame Shirley’s warehouse. I have edited it down to the warehouse scenes. This episode is from October 1995. Also a video of the real warehouse from the 1994 BBC documentary ‘The Slate’. (Special thanks to Susan for the video)

Description of the program: The Porter family at first seem normal enough. Bill is the sensible level-headed mother who does the cooking and housework, whilst running a catering business with sex-crazed friend Rona. Ben is the father, who is often equally as immature as the kids. He runs a heating repair business with his slightly sarcastic assistant Christine.
Jenny is the typical teenage daughter, keen on boys, music and vegetarianism, and David is the mischievous younger brother, who enjoys horror films, aliens and annoying his older sister.
However the Porter’s world is frequently turned upside down due to bizarre occurrences and bad luck. Whether its dealing with flatulent dogs, having frozen men in freezers in the front room, or even stumbling across Shirley Bassey’s warehouse, it seems like anything is possible in the Porter’s world.

Excerpt from the preview: “Meanwhile, Bill and Rona are out looking for premises. They find themselves in a warehouse full of Shirley Bassey’s dresses. They start trying them on and lose track of time. After wandering around the Village all afternoon, Ben finds Jake Klinger’s van. He outwits Jake, takes his van and drives back to London. Bill and Ben both miss David’s performance at the drama contest. He tells them that he managed to win first prize. Bill gets a phone call from Shirley Bassey.”

From the Christies catalogue