Melbourne 1970

Last week we received an email from Phillip from Australia who has a great story about Dame Shirley. Below you can read the emails and a copy of his newspaper article.

I would like to send a message to Dame Shirley Bassey.
I met her in 1970 in Melbourne, Australia when she was performing at the Palais Theatre. Ms Bassey, as she then was, had accepted my request for an interview by me on behalf of my secondary school newspaper.
I would love to send her a copy of the newspaper in which my article appeared. I would love to say a little about how I went on in life to become a lawyer (recently retired), husband and father of two children.
I would want Ms Bassey to know that her willingness to be interviewed (and her very kind offer to ensure that my photographer and I were able to watch her second performance on that occasion) has lived warmly in my thoughts to this very day.

Hello Pieter    I am thrilled that you have forwarded my message to Dame Shirley .Attached is a complete copy of the July 1970 newspaper. My article appears on page 3. Please mention that I was 17 years of age when I wrote that article. To say the least, I was captivated by Ms Bassey and I got a little carried away.I also wanted Dame Shirley to know that, some years later, my wife and I saw her perform at the Glass House (as it is now known) in Melbourne (just a short distance from Melbourne’s Yarra river).

Below the video that was mentioned in the article

6 thoughts on “Melbourne 1970”

  1. Wow, such an exciting experience for this dear fellow. How sweet of him to attempt to send the clipping of this great nterview to DSB. The way he described his experience made me feel I was there, and DSB is so up front and honest with her answers about her intro into show business, and How unique it was performing in Czechoslovakia you feel as if you are sitting right there also. How kind of DSB to have invited Philip and his photographer to her second show. Pieter have you gotten feedback from DSB after sending her this interview? All the best to Mr. Graham on his retirement.


  2. As a long time friend of Phillip’s who “worked” with him on our school newspaper I know how thrilled he was to be granted this interview with Dame Shirley and how enthralled he was with her after the interview and remains so today! The interview and article are a great credit to him.

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  3. This is fabulous! Thanks for sharing such a lovely post! Dame Shirley is a class act! I truly love reading such amazing stories about her! I adore this woman wholeheartedly! Thanks again!


  4. Well done Phillip for your enterprise in capturing Shirley for those precious moments now being shared with us, and what a great a coup for a young aspiring journalist. This is wonderful where DSB had
    recognised in you the value of youth and education whilst encouraging a very talented 17-year-old young man which can be seen in the structure of your narrative.

    What an amazing trip into the life of DSB 52 years ago, and especially discovering her resistance to the attachment of pop culture of the day which tended to have short lifespans then, and preferring to be recognised as an `eternal artist` traveling the road to becoming a Dame with world recognition as….. simply the best.

    In the Czechoslovakian clip I noted the pitching of her songs were perfectly tuned to the miming of the video….. which did not falter even when dancing in the streets to bemused street walkers. I do hope that the diversity shown in an energetic inclusive western approach was helpful in the country awakening from a military state, towards democracy. Maybe Shirley helped in seeding their freedom from communism some 20 years later. 😊

    I was very interested in DSB wishing at some point in her life to take part in a film. Whilst that was on her wish list 52 years ago…can anybody tell me if she did eventually achieve that goal. I would imagine that a singing role would be a sheer delight for her in perhaps a musical something like `The Sound of Music`. ❤

    On the chance that Shirley might see this post, then I would wish to say ……. being at the pinnacle of your career, then possibilities become probabilities and would dearly hope that an opportunity will come your way in a unique `classic to be remembered` with a song (songs) to enhance further `a wonderful life` Michael


  5. Wonderful story. I am so happy Phillip shared it. It is refreshing to hear accounts of DSB’s grace and generosity. I met her briefly about 25 years ago and I was petrified because I’d heard so much about her fearsome temperament but she was so warm and lovely to me. I’ve always carried that experience with me.


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