In 1986 Shirley Bassey recorded a promo video for the British Tourist Board to promote tourists to come to London. The song There’s No Place Like London was released on a single by Towerbell with Born To Sing For ever on the B-side. Produced by Lynsey The Paul. In the video you can see Shirley’s daughter Sharon and her grandson Luke. Also a newspaper article from that year.

The song had been written for The British Tourist Board and the song was then offered to Shirley Bassey, and she made a music video to promote this song. On the single cover You can see some video screen shots. In the clip she was snapped in some of the popular tourist spots while she lip-synched the song.
Shirley Bassey has performed this song in many shows, and after her performance in “Live from the Piccadilly” 1986 for example she said about this song:
This great number was written by Miss Lynsey de Paul and Mister Gerard Kenny, and I had the pleasure of recording it for the tourist board to entice all the tourists back to jolly old London, because they deserted it there for a while. So let’s hope it did some good.

Miss Lynsey de Paul shall have been a friend of Shirley Bassey and offered the song to her. The singer and songwriter was born as Lynsey Rubin in England in 1951 – she changed her name in the early 1970’s. Some of her most successful songs have been “Sugar Me” and “Rock Bottom”