The Liquidator


In 1965  Shirley Bassey recorded the title song for The Liquidator.  She recorded the main title and the end title and also a single version of the song. Below you find the four versions of the song. She also sang this song live on the 1967 Special ‘Bassey meets Basie‘. This special was released on Betamax Video.

This is the title theme of the 1965 movie ‘The Liquidator’ released in December 1965 on the soundtrack album.The original soundtrack version with the orchestra directed by Lalo Schifrin himself has been re-released on CD on the 1995 US collection Goldsinger – The Best of Shirley Bassey.A completely different recording was made on December 19th 1965 and released in January 1966 on the UK Columbia single DB 7811. This was Shirley’s last A-side for Columbia before signing to United Artist Records. In the US in November 7 1966 a United Artists single UA 50099 had been released. One version was directed by Tony Osborne and another by Arthur Greenslade. One of these singles contained the version which is available on many CD collections digitally remastered, for example on Bassey – The EMI/UA Years 1959 – 1979. Shirley also performed the song on a BBC special “Show Of The Week” in 1966.

The liquidator (mono version)

The liquidator (single version)

My liquidator

My liquidator (end title)

Scan_20211224 (13)

1965 AI

5 thoughts on “The Liquidator”

  1. For years I only had this on a scratched single found in a jumble sale as United Artists never included it on an album and the wonderful `MY LOVE HAS TWO FACES`……… It is also interesting looking back at tv appearances of the time, the minimal lighting and scenery. Just sheet talent on display. Compare that to the overblown talent shows of today.


  2. Absolutely one of her iconic performances. And also one of my all time photographs, taken during her appearance at the Pigalle.


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