Dame Shirley Bassey opens the Baftas

Tonight’s wonderful performance of Dame Shirley Bassey opening the Baftas tonight at London’s Royal Albert Hall with a fantastic rendition on Diamonds Are Forever. (Featured image by James Veysey)

Dame Shirley Bassey has raised the curtain on the 75th BAFTA Awards with a rendition of classic Bond theme “Diamonds Are Forever.”

The iconic Welsh singer — forever entwined with 007 having famously soundtracked several films throughout her career — helped kick off proceedings in style at the Royal Albert Hall in London while also celebrating the 60th anniversary of the film franchise, with the first-ever installment Dr. No having been released in 1962. 

On a personal note I would like to add that this is my last post for now as I will be on holiday till the end of this month.

15 thoughts on “Dame Shirley Bassey opens the Baftas”

    1. Thank you So much Claudia , & What’s up 1000 , as a fan of the GREAT FANTASTIC DSB since 1957/1958 I KNOW what I Am talking about
      Yes I am getting OLD 82 , & the FABULOUS DSB 85 .

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  1. Thank you very much Pieter. What can I say but DSB looked gorgeous, and gave a mezmorizing and superb performance. Good to know we will be hearing and seeing more of this great woman and entertainer in the days to come. 👏 👏 👏 🏆 💐

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  2. I got a chance to see this earlier today and as usual – Bassey is ASTOUNDING at 85. Hard to believe, she is Forever !! Have a well deserved time off Pieter and thanks 🤗

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  3. How can it be that at 85 she is still the worlds best and managed to steal the show, Most shows and events leave the best till last but obviously these do it the opposite way round. Might as well go home after the first ten mins ,No body is going to top that ,

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