Red Skelton Hour

Recently two new videos appeared on Youtube with performances from Shirley Bassey on Red Skelton  from the USA. The shows were also on tv. in Great Britain where the show later was replaced by Showtime.

I merged the two videos into one with only the parts Shirley was in. The first video was recorded in 1968 and broadcast in 1969. The second one was recorded in 1969 and broadcast in 1970. I hope you enjoy the video and see for yourself what a fantastic dancer Shirley is.





3 thoughts on “Red Skelton Hour”

  1. Fantastic !!!!!….. What a lovely new material about this super entertainer who is beside a great singer also a very good dancer!!! Thanks a lot for sharing this with us Pieter!!!♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

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  2. What very entertaining programs. DSB sound and looks beautiful, and is really a very good dancer holding her own, alongside the professional dancers. I really enjoyed this Pieter. Thank you.


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