Happy Easter!

Today a re-post from a few years ago. Shirley Bassey at Bruce Forsyth’s Easter Show. A legendary performance with Bruce Forsyth from 1991. Dame Shirley was always at her best with Bruce and Des o’ Connor.  Happy Easter everybody!

1991 AQ

Dame Shirley with a hilarious performance of In The Still Of The Night and with Bruce Forsyth: the Barbra Streisand & Don Johnson duet: Till I Loved You after that her final song How Do You Keep The Music Playing? 

1991 AF (blog)1991 AG (blog)1991 C (blog)1991 E (blog)1991 G (blog)

About the dresses Dame Shirley is wearing for these performances:

Two stage gowns comprising: an off-the-shoulder gown of midnight blue organza, the bodice embroidered with silver thread and clear beads, the full layered skirt over layers of blue tulle, piped in silver lamé, labelled inside ‘Murray Arbeid London’.

And an asymmetrical fitted gown of black velvet, the front decorated diagonally from the left shoulder to the fishtail skirt and across the upper back with stylised lilies and leaves in white satin edged with tiny Swarovski clear crystals, white bugle beads and silver thread, labelled inside ‘Murray Arbeid London’.

The midnight blue dress was worn during a performance screened on London Weekend Television, circa 1986 and on the French TV.show  “Le Grand Echiquier”  in 1989.

The black velvet dress was worn when meeting H.M. The Queen after the Royal Variety Performance at the London Palladium, 23rd November, 1987 and at a performance screened on London Weekend Television circa 1986.

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5 thoughts on “Happy Easter!”

  1. I saw the performance with Sir Bruce and DSB it was exceptional. What a very nice, very talented man Sir Bruce was. Did DSB have a duet with Mr. Career as? Thanks Pieter.


  2. What a great show, with so much humor! Fantastic !!!
    And a sunny, happy and peaceful Easter for you all!🌷🐥🐣🌷🐥🐣🌷🐥🐣🌷🐥🐣🌷🐥🐣🌷


  3. Bruce & Dame Shirley, always worked well together, Till I Loved You, should of gone on an album. This show was her first public performance of ‘How Do You Keep the Music Playing, and the best she ever sang it!

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  4. Thank you Pieter. What an entertaining show,, such a funny skit. DSB and Bruce Forsythe sound good singing the duet. I love the blue off the shoulder gown she is wearing. Happy Belated Easter Peter and everyone ❤


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