In the year 1995 this wonderful TV special was recorded and broadcast on ITV and released on VHS in 1996. Below you can watch all the newspaper articles about the show and watch the video including the bonus track (Tonight I Gave) The Greatest Performance Of My Life plus a report from fan Hilary Finney who was present at the recording.
A few other highlights that year were the release of Shirley Bassey Sings The Movies and we saw a spectacular open air concert that summer when she performed at Cardiff Castle.

2 thoughts on “FROM THE ARCHIVE 549 -1995-”

  1. 1995, age 58 and as slim as when she was 20!
    Those shorter style wigs, always suit DSB better, this period of 1995-2002, she looked and sounded amazing!!

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  2. I saw DAME SHIRLEY in her 1995 Concert in Fort Regent JERSEY C.I in this same Gown, UNFORGETABLE as ALL her performances are ,


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