Shirley Bassey LPs

Over the years I have received quite a lot of collections from (deceased) fans from all over the word. Lots of material I use for this blog but there also loads of LPs, singles, CDs, DVDs and videotapes.
As for the LPs there are many records I have 4 or more copies of. That is why I now offer you the chance to update your collection. Let me know which LPs are missing from your collection and I will send them to you for only the post and package costs.

12 thoughts on “Shirley Bassey LPs”

    1. The Album is Called The Sassy Miss Bassey (1974) DJ’s Use Only (USA) Track list: Something; What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life?; For All We Know; I(Who Have Nothing) (previously unreleased); It’s Impossible; Big Spender; Goldfinger; This Is My Life; And I Love You So; Killing Me Softly With His Song; The Greatest Performance Of My Life; Diamonds Are Forever; Never, Never, Never; Day By Day.

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  1. This is extremely generous of you.

    I have quite a large collection (nothing like yours of course) and have for a number of years being buying her James Bond related records and have in particular struggled to obtain copies of the Moonraker OST LP and single.

    Thank you & Best Wishes,


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    1. Hi Pieter. Great collection there Pieter. How do you like the songs on La Mujer. What is the title of the album where she is wearing the vested pantsuit , also what songs are on Thaqt one. Do you have t h em on CD? Thanks Pieterc😊

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  2. Hi Claudia. I guess you mean the And I Love You So album? I think I already sent you the CD. If not let me know. I still have a few cds of it.


    1. No, I don’t have that one. If it’s not a trouble could you send one to me. I can reimburse you for postage Pieter. Thank you so much 😊


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