Gut gestimmt

Today a repost FROM THE ARCHIVE 398 -1972. A  few weeks ago I saw that a website copied and used this post but unfortunately the links for the songs were not working anymore. Also I now found out that the intro music used on All About Shirley is from the Diamonds Are Forever James Bond movie soundtrack. Below that one also in good quality.



Some of the songs Shirley Bassey performed on All About Shirley (Show of the Week 1972) were released in Germany on an LP. called ‘Gut gestimmt’. By clicking the players below you can listen to the songs in good quality stereo.


‘All about Shirley’ is a fantastic British-German documentary filmed by the BBC in 1972. The recordings took place in the studio in Germany (Hamburg) and in Sardinia (Italy) where Shirley had her second home at the time named “Tiger Bay” in Porto Rotondo at the Costa Smeralda in Sardinia Italy. It gives a wonderful insight of how her life was at that time.

Big Spender

On A Clear Day

Diamonds Are Forever

Excuse Me