In 2010 the John L. Williams biography called Miss Shirley Bassey was released. No matter if you like the book or not the first page of it that you can read below, is certainly catching and attracts the attention of the reader.
Also that year Dame Shirley Bassey presented the Baftas and she performed at Carnegie Hall in New York along Sting, Lady Gaga and Elton John at a benefit for the saving of the rain forest. Below you can also watch a video of Dame Shirley at Buckingham Palace where there was a night organized in honour of Richard Burton.

4 thoughts on “FROM THE ARCHIVE 564 -2010-”

  1. The book by John Williams is certainly not a bad job, if you’re also interested in musical history during the 50’s and 60’s; the road that artists at that time were supposed to take by means of so called talentscouts, agents and upcoming contracts. Plus it gives you an inside of the recording business in that period.
    Do not expect to get an upfront description of what stardom can do to a person. The book ends in the late 60’s. And that was about the time that DSB did become a really international superstar and beside that fact also became famous for her reputation of being a very difficult person to work with despite the magnifent talent she, ofcourse already, had in store for the whole wideworld to hear and see.


  2. I have the John Williams book. Interesting read, though I don’t think some of what he wrote about DSB’S romantic escapades, and family dynamics is completey factual. I wonder what DSB thought about the book. Interesting articles, and a very touching tribute to Sir Richard Burton. Thank you Pieter. 😊


  3. I understand what you mean. The “problem” is that a so-called authorized biography of DSB will never see the light of day. A real pity that is, for us admirers. There is so much to sum up due to such a long lasting career. On the other hand, when that was to happen, I’m sure certain aspects were not to be mentioned anyway. So you can always ask yourself, what written facts are more accurate or even not true.
    The tone of the written words by Williams do at least sound honest and respectful and I think that is the best you can ask for when it comes to a biography of a very great artist like DSB.
    Pity that this book describes only the very first period of an outstanding and interesting career.
    Hopefully this effort will be continued, whatsoever.


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