Red Cockerel Gown

Shirley Bassey et Charles Aznavour lors de la remise de son disque d’or le 14 avril 1988 à Paris, France. (Photo by ARNAL/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images)

The Red ‘Cockerel’ Gown ( Pictures can be found in Blazers programme 1984, Live in Berlin 1987 show and various tour programmes)

A favourite of many fans!

Designed by Sara Perceval in 1983.

A gorgeous red sequinned gown, with asymmetrical neckline.


We called this gown the ‘cockerel’ because of the attached trailing cape, attached at Dame Shirley’s left shoulder, which had feathers giving a ‘cockerel’ effect.  

Dame Shirley wore it many times in the 1980’s, notably at Blazers in Windsor, at her Berlin concert in 1987, and without the attached ‘cockerel’ in 1987 at Her Majesty’s Theatre in London, where I remember Dame Shirley rose up out of the understage to sing ‘A View to a Kill’ in a blaze of smoke!

Dame Shirley always steals the show.

Sadly this gown was destroyed in a fire, so was not in the gown sale in 2003.

Thanks to Ian for this fascinating description

(No red roosters were hurt in the making of this gown)