Singer Shirley Bassey was trapped in a Rolls-Royce that overturned at more than 50 mph yesterday.

And minutes after being saved she said: ‘we were very lucky. We were only shaken up. But later it was discoved that her back was bruised and a doctor ordered her to have an X ray examination today in case there is damage to the bones.

Shirley, her secretary and her musical director were in a hired Rolls-Royce driven by mister Roy Pryce from London.
They crashed on the A1 on their way from London to Halifax for a one night show.
Mister Pryce swerved to avoid a van, said Shirley. The car bounced on the grass verge, overturned and slided on its roof for 25 yards. Shirley and her secretary were trapped in the back seat. Only the drivers door would open. The other doors were jammed. Mister Beaton (her musical director) and the chauffeur pulled the two women through a shattered window. The party continued their journey in two other cars. And when Shirley walked on stage at the Victoria Hall in Halifax and sang What A Day It Has Been SHE REALLY MEANT IT.

Shirley Bassey thanks her driver Roy Pryce for his bravery

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A great song from 1960 is With These Hands

2 thoughts on “FROM THE ARCHIVE 578 -1960-”

  1. What a harrowing experience for DSB and her fellow passengers. Thank God everyone came through this with no serious injuries. Many entertainers would have understadably canceled that evening’s show. What troopers, DSB and Mr. Beaton were. I would love to hear how DSB would tell this story after all these years. Thanks a lot Pieter.


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