Shirley Bassey on the 1969 Mike Douglas show

Dame Shirley meets the Queen wearing THAT dress
Dame Shirley meets the Queen wearing THAT dress

shirleybasseyapToday a review of the Mike Douglas show from April the 8th. 1969. The show starts with two duets that have been on the blog before: You’re Just In Love & Bill Bailey (Won’t You Please Come Home). Other songs I (Who Have Nothing) & Big Spender. There was some controversy over the dress Dame Shirley wanted to wear on the show because it showed too much skin for the taste of the American viewers. In Europe it was not a problem for her to wear the dress on TV or for shows and she even met Queen Elizabeth wearing the dress. Also she wore the dress 2 years earlier on the 1966 Show of the Week. 





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4 thoughts on “Shirley Bassey on the 1969 Mike Douglas show”

  1. This is beyond golden. I remember seeing the interview portion of this with Sergio where they spoke of spaghetti. But I have never seen all of the beginning. I had seen the first duet, but not the second one.the beginning. I searched all over YT for it. Mike Douglas was so much more openly friendly with Shirley than Andy Williams was. It is nice to see. The networks were so careful with race relations back then. It is such a treat to see the beginning of the show. It must have been great to see her all week long, if he was a daily show. The songs are fabulous Much thanks Pieter. Long Live Dame Shirley

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  2. That was a great show Pieter. I can’t understand the controversy about DSB’S Dress.. The follies ladies and even Monroe and Deitrich were very provocative for their time period. I think Mike Douglas really liked DSB. Thanks Pieter.


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