Rehearsals in Antwerp -1995-

images010513_2023_TheIndianCi1Today a short video from Belgian TV. (special thanks to Susan) where you can watch Shirley rehearse the songs: Born To Sing Forever & ‘s Wonderful in Antwerp (Diamond Capitol of the world) on her 1995 European Tour. Below an article from ‘Bella Magazine’  from that same year.






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Other events from 1995

Dame Shirley and John Major
Shirley and John Major
Dame Shirley and Hugh Grant
Shirley and Hugh Grant
Dame Shirley at the premiere of the Bond film Golden Eye
Shirley at the premiere of the Bond film Golden Eye

3 thoughts on “Rehearsals in Antwerp -1995-”

  1. Fabulous footage there, but have to say being a “Shirley” expert that she doesn’t look happy in the interview…..something else was on her mind, or she was bored. Wasn’t this the venue where the crowd were like stuffed cods heads, or was that somewhere else? ie bad crowd reaction. Thanks for the continuing footage and pics on this site, its as always fantastic and very much appreciated


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