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Special Announcement – Fabulous New Bassey CD Shelved

It’s with great sadness that we make this announcement. Earlier this year we heard whispers of an exciting project by EMI Records to celebrate and commemorate Dame Shirley Bassey’s upcoming birthday.

EMI own recordings from Bassey’s most successful era as a recording artist and despite the record label’s much reported financial difficulties, had invested significantly in unearthing and digitally remastering unheard Bassey material to produce an exciting new 3 CD set.

The track-listing and CD cover are below and will no doubt have Bassey fans everywhere salivating! It was provisionally scheduled for release on January 8th, the date of Dame Shirley’s 75th birthday.

Sadly we are now reliably informed that the CD had to be shelved due to a legal objection from DSB. We sent an email to Dame Shirley Bassey’s lawyer but are yet to receive any comment or statement.

As we think about what gifts to get our loved ones this Christmas and after very careful consideration we decided that as this compilation would have been top of every Bassey fan’s wishlist it is our moral obligation to share this news with all our fellow fans today.

Cover Image

01. I’ve Got A Song For You (1966)
02. Shirley (1966)
03. Never, Never, Never (1973)
04. For All We Know (1972)
05. Till Love Touches Your Life (1971)
06. When You Smile (1975)
07. Moonraker (1979)
08. And I Love You So (1972)
09. I (Who Have Nothing) (1966) (Alternative Version Unreleased on CD)
10. Fool On The Hill (1970)
11. Light My Fire (1970)
12. Something (1970)
13. My Way (1970)
14. Goldfinger (1964) (From Soundtrack EP 1965)
15. If You Go Away (1967)
16. Burn My Candle (1967)
17. The Liquidator (1966)
18. La Vita (1968) (Italian Chorus)
19. Kiss Me Honey, Honey Kiss Me (1967)
20. As I Love You (1967)
21. Diamonds Are Forever (1971)
22. Big Spender (1967) (US Version)
23. The Greatest Performance Of My Life (1972)

01. Look For Me Tomorrow (I’ll Be Gone) (1967)
02. I Write The Songs (1976) (Previously Unreleased)
03. Without A Word (1968)
04. Everything I Own (1973) (New Mix)
05. Why Can’t I Cry? (1968) (Previously Unreleased)
06. I’m Not Anyone (1974)
07. Night Moves (1979)
08. Vivo Di Diamanti (1971) (Italian Version)
09. My Liquidator (1966) (Film Version)
10. Because You’re Mine (1968) (Previously Unreleased)
11. Runaway (1976) (Previously Unreleased on CD)
12. Ease On Down The Road (1976) (Previously Unreleased)
13. Copacabana (1979) (US Release) (Previously Unreleased on CD)
14. It’s Always 4 am (1969)
15. Moonraker (Disco) (1979) (End Title) (Not Commonly on Bassey CDs)
16. If I Should Love Again (1972)
17. Where Is Love? (1972)
18. I Got Lost In His Arms (1962) (Previously Unreleased)
19. Until It’s Time For You To Go (1971)
20. The Singer (1973) (Previously Unreleased)
21. I Believe in Music (1973) (Previously Unreleased)
22. Don’t You Pass Me By (1968) (Previously Unreleased)

Shirley Bassey Live at The Royal Albert Hall 1973
With Arthur Greenslade and Orchestra
(Previously Unreleased Album Including Unbroadcast Material)
01. Goldfinger Fanfare
02. Where Am I Going?
03. Shirley
04. And I Love You So
05. Let Me Sing and I’m Happy
06. I’d like To Hate Myself in the Morning
07. Make the World a Little Younger (Previously Unbroadcast)
08. Going, Going, Gone (Previously Unbroadcast)
09. Without You
10. Goldfinger
11. Day By Day
12. Never, Never, Never
13. Somehow (Previously Unbroadcast Version)
14. Greatest Performance of my Life
15. This Is My Life
16. The Party’s Over (Previously Unbroadcast)
17. Something (Previously Unbroadcast)

The video below shows “Somehow” as broadcast on BBC TV New Year’s Day 1974. The new CD featured a digitally remastered recording of this song where the end lyric is performed like the studio version.

United Artists recorded this and an alternative show with intention of releasing but in the end only Live At Carnegie Hall saw the light of day.

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The Bassey Blog Team

[REMIX] Shirley Bassey – Goldfinger (Mr Bristow and T-Phonic)


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[REMIX] Shirley Bassey – The Living Tree (Superbass Vocal)

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[REMIX] Getting The Party Started…

Get The Party Started by Dame Shirley Bassey provides the great backing to a new TV commercial from Italy…

This is the start of a new section on The Bassey Blog celebrating great and varied remixes by talented and creative DJs from all over the world. It is our mission to prove how Bassey’s unique voice transcends every boundary of musical possibility and we hope to encourage further talented and creative people to come up with interesting new ideas that we will consider playing on the Blog in the future!

It will come as no surprise that the first remix is Get The Party Started. The club mix by NorthXNWest is my personal favourite of the UK remixes.

Please join The Bassey Blog on Soundcloud where you can leave comments for the mixers and join a growing music community.

This track comes from the time when Dame Shirley worked with Nikki Lamborn and Catherine ‘Been’ Feeney of Never The Bride. After the recording session for Get The Party Started, Dame Shirley wrote “Nikki and Been, you are an inspiration.” I certainly agree with that statement as I too have become a great fan and some of their lesser known songs are in my opinion even better than The Living Tree!

Whilst on Soundcloud, discover some of the great NTB songs that got away. Here’s my top 5 that I particularly enjoy imagining being given the Shirley Bassey treatment! Some require more imagination than others!

I hope to demonstrate that there is much more to this talented duo than the “two tattooed lesbians” label that was so misleadingly given to them by The Guardian in their review of DSB at Glastonbury. If you are on Twitter please follow me at NTBFriendsUnite!

And finally.. Enjoy a trip down memory lane and revisit the original TV commercial that got the party started 5 years ago…