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Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

“Just wanted you to know that I have uploaded to YouTube a clip of Shirley singing ‘Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang’.   Many may not be aware that she was first in the running to sing the theme song for the James Bond Movie, ‘Thunderball.”





1965: This song, ‘Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang’ was to be Shirley’s third James Bond Movie Theme, eventually giving her a total of 4 with ‘Moonraker’ but her version seemed a bit playful for a Bond action adventure and so they let Dionne Warwick give it a try with a slightly different orchestral arrangement. In the end, neither artist received the song. Shirley’s good friend and co-patriot, Sir Tom Jones was given the Theme with a new song, ‘Thunderball’ which was the movie title name, and the rest, as they say, is history. After all these years, it is great that Shirley’s version of this fun song has finally been released on one or more of her compilation CDs.


A short synopsis: The original main title theme to Thunderball was entitled “Mr. Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang,” which was written by John Barry and Leslie Bricusse. The title was taken from an Italian journalist who in 1962 dubbed agent 007 as Mr. Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang. Barry had thought he couldn’t write a song about a vague “Thunderball” term or the story of the film, so his song was a description of the character of James Bond.


The song was originally recorded by Shirley Bassey, but was later rerecorded by Dionne Warwick. Both versions were not released until the 1990s. The song was removed from the title credits after producers Albert R. Broccoli and Harry Saltzman were worried that a theme song to a James Bond movie would not work well if the song did not have the title of the film in its lyrics. John Barry teamed up with lyricist Don Black and wrote “Thunderball” which was sung by Tom Jones who, according to Bond production legend, fainted in the recording booth when singing the song’s final, high note. Jones said of the final note, “I closed my eyes and I held the note for so long when I opened my eyes the room was spinning.” Like “Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang”, the lyrics of “Thunderball” are a description of Bond’s character.


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He’s tall and he’s dark,

And like the shark, he looks for trouble,

That’s why the zeroes double,

Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.


He’s suave and he’s smooth

And he can soothe you like vanilla.

The gentleman’s a killer.

Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.


Damoiselles and danger

Have filled the stranger’s past.

Like a knife he cuts thro’ life

Like every day’s the last.


He’s fast and he’s cool.

He’s from the school that loves and leaves ’em…

A pity if it grieves ’em!

Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang’s…not a fool!


Oh, damoiselles and danger

Have filled the stranger’s past.

Like the knife he cuts thro’ life

Like every day’s the last.


He’s fast and he’s cool.

He’s from the school that loves and leaves ’em…

A pity if it grieves ’em!

Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang’s…not a fool!


More about DSB Airport


Further to the previous page dated 1st July, here’s an article from the Daily Telegraph about the possibility of Cardiff Airport being hopefully renamed Dame Shirley Bassey International Airport.

Thanks to Gill for kindly scanning and sending the article for other fans to see.

There are enlarged copies further down this page that are easier for you to read.

Happy Landings!





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(Non DSB) Feinstein S’Wonderful

(Non DSB) Thanks to Patrick for this interesting video…

One of the exciting things about your blog is that you appreciate other singers. In this respect I would love to share with you something I just discovered, a singer called Michael Feinstein singing “S’Wonderful”.

Of course we all know that the Dame sang a much upbeat version which nobody can match. But it is nice listening to the other slower version.


  Michael Feinstein, at the piano and with a small group, in an extract from an Australian TV show from 1998, sings the Ira and George Gershwin tune “S’Wonderful” 




There was a DSB reference on some panel TV show t’other night. These UFO things in Wales.

 There had been a glowing and humming somewhere in Wales …

“Oh, that was just DSB warming up her pipes …”

Thanks to Ross

Out of this world!