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Welcome to the New Blog!

Shirley Bassey - Photo taken at the time of "La Mujer"
Shirley Bassey - Photo taken at the time of "La Mujer"
Hello and welcome to the new ‘Bassey Blog’.  I’m DavidB and I will doing the blog itself.  I have been a fan of Dame Shirley Bassey since forever or so it seems.  I was just a school boy way back in 1960 when I ‘discovered’ our Dame or plain ‘Miss’ as she was then.  My friends thought I was mad as although she’d had some hit records she wasn’t really the ‘in’ thing!  I just told them to ‘watch this space – she’ll be around when I’m 60’!  Little did I know then that my words would come true and she’d become the world’s greatest entertainer.

I’ve followed Shirley Bassey’s long and distinguished career since then.   All the highs and the lows and she’s always been my number one!!  I’ve made quite a number of friends through being a fan and I’m lucky that most of them are still friends today.  In fact several of them I rank amongst my closest friends.  One in particular has been a friend for around 35 years!!  Mind you it nearly did come to an abrupt end when, after one concert, she left me standing in Nottingham city centre holding her handbag while she disappeared running down the road after Shirley’s tour bus shouting ‘Wait for me’!!  Two hours later she returned and I’d been subjected to a large number of rude comments in the meantime.  I still have no idea what she did during those two hours but I know she didn’t catch the bus!!  I did eventually forgive her but I never hold her bag anymore even for a second!

Sorry I digress!  I’ve been fortunate to see Shirley numerous times both in England and Holland.  I still feel the same excitement today as I did the very first concert I went to back in 1964.  She never fails to mesmerise me.  I’m totally oblivious to everything and everyone around me the minute she walks on stage.  I’ve collected LPs, EPs, Vinyl Singles, Cassettes and now CDs from around the world.  These days I tend to concentrate on collecting CDs.

I hope that I will be able to share some of my memories with you and also tell you of some of the albums and CDs I’ve collected over the years.  Any news will be posted as soon as I hear it and hopefully there will be something for everyone.  I will keep you informed of any new CD releases as I learn of them.  I also hope you will let me know what you like and what you want to see on the blog. 

In different sections (which can be accessed on their own from the categories list at the top right) Pieter from Holland and Astrid from Germany will be posting videos and photos from their fantastic collections and will be introducing themselves when they post for the first time.  Hopefully together all three of us will make the blog something you will enjoy logging on to for a regular Shirley Bassey fix!

Let’s not forget that we owe a lot to Peggy who did a fantastic job and we thank her for all her hard work.  Without her and her dedication there would be no blog in the first place.  We wish her well for the future and hope that her health improves and hope she will be proud of the fact that her blog proved to be so popular that it was decided to continue with one.  Thank you also to Ed for all his hard work and encouragement.  I need him in the background to keep me in line!!!