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How insensitive

Hello everyone! Just to let you know that I am  on holiday for a few weeks.  So the blog will be a bit quieter that usual. I will be returning the end of November. I will try to make a post on the blog occasionally but I am sure there will be lots of new and exciting things going on within the next few weeks with the Roundhouse Performance and the new and exciting CD being released. For those who have tickets for the Roundhouse Electric Proms: I hope you all enjoy the concert. Unfortunately I won’t be able to go because of my vacation, which was planned a long time ago. Pieter.

P1010062aEmma and ShirleyHere is a short report of my vacation from 1979. I was in Sardinia and found Shirley’s second home there. A part of the 1972 special “All about Shirley” was recorded here. It was very beautiful and the moment I arrived  “How insensitive”  was played on the local Italian radio-station. It is my all time favourite Shirley Bassey song and it made me feel very happy that it was played on the radio right at that moment. I was even able to record it on tape but unfortunately there was no announcement about Shirley, but there were a few jingles after the song. Here is the song and the jingles.



The Novaks named the house “Tiger Bay”.  




 From the 1979 BBC show Shirley singing: “How insensitive”.

Michael Ball


Dear viewers of the blog.

ALW 1993I will be away for a few days to London to see Michael Ball performing at the Royal Albert Hall. Here a performance from Shirley on the Michael Ball show from September 7th. 1994. First Shirley sings “With one look” from the album “Shirley Bassey sing the songs of Andrew LLoyd Webber” after that Shirley and Michael in a duet “When I fall in love”  from  Nat King Cole . I wish everybody a good weekend and I hope you enjoy this performance, until next week: Pieter.







And a knock-out performance from Shirley at the Royal Albert Hall, one we never get tired of:

Another great picture from Shirley at the Royal Albert Hall (1984)

RAH 1984 a

Shirley singing “Nobody does it like me” (and drink a hot CUP of tea)

rah 1984



something 1aAmong the videotapes we received from fans was a videotape with the show from 1975 Shirley Bassey did for the BBC. The show was recorded in Bahrein, We had the show on tape but the first song, which was “Something” was missing. So in order to complete the show, which was already on the blog and Youtube, here is the missing song from that show “Something”. Also here an interview from February that same year with a Dutch programme guide called “TeleVizier”. Here a picture of Shirley while recording “Something” in the studio and a picture of her with the silver disc she received for “Something”.

something 2a

televizier 1a

Shirley Bassey, years ago she shot to the top and that is where she remained. She sometimes hates her profession but the magic of the applause, the lights, the audience always make up for that. Sometime ago she visited our country and she had a frank interview with ‘TeleVizier’.

televizier 1b


Shirley Bassey: Love and hate:

shirley B aShirley Bassey stopped by in Holland briefly. A travelling diva who refuses all interviews. Because she has told it all before. She is on the top for already more then 20 years. From workingmen’s clubs to….. A true story. To TeleVizier’s Boud van Doorn she opened up at the Amsterdam Hilton Hotel. A brief up-welling of candour.

Shirley Bassey knows what she’s worth. The most expensive suite in the Hilton Hotel is just good enough. “You have to make demands if you have to live out of suitcases” she claims. Ten meters away from her bed her second husband and her secretary are talking, sitting at a small table. When their voices become too loud the diva tells them to talk softer: servants of the diva. A little while later she makes up for it: “When am I the happiest? In bed, sure, especially in the arms of somebody I love, ha ha ha”. Actually La Bassey doesn’t want to talk. Why would she? Her booming irresistible voice does the work for her in concert halls that are always sold out. And there is the eager record company for the people who can’t make it to her concerts. That’s it, no more please. She doesn’t like fans. “Please, my work is demanding enough as it is. I can’t have presidents of fan clubs at my home. Then I would have nothing left for myself at all. Of course people can start a fan club as long as they don’t bother me. That’s all okay with me”.
televizier 3_b_kleinTeleVizier is allowed in because the one with perseverance  wins. La Bassey makes her entrance, gives out a sigh and surrenders. Okay, she will tell her story again but that includes the feelings, the emotions, the tensions, the doubts. Bassey in private.
“I think I have a genuine love/hate relation with my profession. You’re the star, the happy one, the rich one and you can’t complain because you are the favourite. But I am also a mother of three. Three children that persistently cry every time my maid packs my suitcases.
But still I had to smile at airports because Bassey goes on a world tour. Isn’t that rich? My eldest daughter who is 21 now still weeps. It makes you think what the effect has been on those children. I myself was a very peculiar kid. The youngest of seven children from a very poor Welsh family. I played soccer and rugby with the boys in the street. Every time I came home with bruises my mother said: “Shirley, when will you become a girl”! I think I succeeded after all, ha ha ha. I hated school, really hated it. When I was fifteen I started to work at the conveyor belt. We had so much fun back then. Really me and the girls had a bliss. But I had to give the small salary I earned to my mother so I started to sing to make some extra money. I was discovered but did not like it one bit. Show business, I thought it was disgusting and walked out of it. It was not for me.
televizier 1c aThan I worked as a waitress in a restaurant. Walking around with three trays full of plates”. She demonstrates how she did it in a perky way. “But six months later I met an old friend again who was in trouble with his show. I was going to be the star of the show, would I help him out? I gave in. It must have been my calling because it all went so smoothly. It seemed my destination to become such a big star. All of a sudden you are on top of the world and a world star and there is no way back. You have to go on whether you like it or not because you can not let thousands of people down. An endless flow of obligations. That is when I hate this profession from the bottom of my heart. Right to the moment when I enter the stage. The lights, the orchestra, the applause, all those people that have come to see you. It is always magical. A potion you want to drink over and over again and you get addicted to. I don’t believe there is one single person on this earth who is entirely happy, neither am I. But I have been very lucky I think. I have a wonderful husband who looks after me very well. Both as husband as well as my manager. Besides that I have lots of money and I am not ashamed to say that. To the contrary, it gives me a wonderful independent feeling. In the old days lots of people forced me to do things I did not want to do. Now I call the shots. That’s where the money comes in handy. In a certain way you buy your own freedom. I think young beginning artists have it much easier that we had. They go to the top much faster but don’t stay there very long. Television gives and takes from them. It takes away the possibility for them to work on an actual career. I find television terrible. The top is presented to them on a silver platter and what is left after that? Besides that less people make it to the real top because they did not went through the old schooling we had to go through which is very necessary in this business. My youngest daughter Samatha wants to go in show business as well. She is thirteen now and told me she wants to become a hippie singer, barefoot with a guitar. Of course I tell her over and over again that by the time she will be old enough to become a singer there won’t be anymore hippie-barefoot singers. But she has the right answer for that: “Mother, that is just right because then I will be the only one”. Great isn’t she? I also have a son who wants to become a dentist and my oldest daughter is twenty-one and she wants to become a nurse. She would never like to step in my footsteps: she has seen too much. I must say I am very lucky with my children and it is wonderful that they find their way in life because apparently that is not always the case with children from famous parents. Every year we spent three months together in my home in Lugano and we talk a lot. It is the happiest time of the year, I must say.
somthing else_neu_kleinMy bed plays an important role in my life. If I would have to give it all away I would keep the bed. I spend a lot of time in bed also because I suffer from morning sickness a lot. There is a simple solution for that which is to stay away from me. I am sure my maid can tell you how terrible I am in the morning. She always sends in my youngest daughter if I have a telephone call or something like that. Before she comes in she always puts on my favourite music. I never discuss colleagues with the exception of one: Josephine Baker. I was so impressed by her. I adored her. What a craft she had. I worshipped her. I will never forget that I had the chance to give her fourteen roses. They had all different colours and were symbolic for her fourteen adopted children. A film will be made about her life and I will play the part of Josephine. At first Diana Ross would but I am sure they will pick me over Diana Ross. It will be my first movie role. I don’t know if I can act but I will manage to play the part of Josephine. I loved her so much. And I loved her style. All the glitter and glamour. It is the same for me…..something happens… I told you before: it is pure magic. 


New video-footage from the Dame

Dame Shirley Bassey was present yesterday at the opening of a new fashion shop in Monte Carlo by a new German top designer: Philipp Plein. The reporter asked Dame Shirley how many times she wears a dress and her answer was: “Three times and when it is worn for a TV-performance only once and then it is Bye, bye dress.”

Wenn jemand es aufgenommen hat vom Fernsehen lass es uns bitte wissen. (If anybody recorded this from German TV. please let us know) Thanks: Pieter.

To see the video CLICK HERE