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News Update – HMV Chart

New CD Out Monday August 4th
New CD Out This Monday!

Shirley is at No 5 in HMV‘s Easy Listening chart with ‘At The Pigalle / Live At Talk Of The Town’ and it’s not released until Monday.  This must be with all the pre-orders HMV have had for this highly anticipated release.  It’s great news and she’s back where she belongs. 

Hopefully this will encourage BGO to continue releasing more of Shirley’s terrific recordings. are dispatching their pre-orders now so there is a possibility that you may get it before Monday!

CLICK HERE to order yours if you haven’t already!

News Update – Live In Japan

Live In Japan 1974
Live In Japan 1974

The release date for the BGO release of ‘Live In Japan’ is 6th October.  Great news as this will definitely be a ‘must have’ album for fans.  This live concert from 1974 is fabulous and I believe to be one of the best of Shirley’s live recordings.  It’s already available to pre-order on Amazon UK (Click for details and to pre-order)!

The Top Ten Lists

Most of you will have heard of Scot through the videos he has posted of Shirley on You Tube.  He contacted the blog regarding a site called ‘the top-ten-lists’.  Below is an extract from his message explaing about it:

I have been working the 11 Top Ten Lists where Shirley is located for several months now and a lot of progress has been made to move her into the Top 10 in several of these categories.   It really would be wonderful if Shirley Bassey fans helped in this indever so that Shirley is moved up to the Top 10 in all the categories where she is listed.   As of today, this is where we stand:
1.) Best Female Singer of the 21st Century  – 3
2.) Best Female Singer of All Time  – 17
3.) Greatest Songs of the 60’s – Goldfinger – 1
4.) Top Ten Best Love Songs – As I Love You – 2
5.) All Time Greatest Cover Songs – Something – 3
6.) Most Unique Singing Voice – 9
7.) Greatest Singer Of All Time (Male/Female) – 25
8.) Top Ten Saddest Songs – I Who Have Nothing – 4
9.) All Time Greatest Songs – Goldfinger – 46
10.) Best Female Singer In Concert – 8
11.) Best Singer of The 60’s – 2
What is most disturbing is the two ‘Best Singer’ categories where Shirley is ranked #17 and #25, and of course should be MUCH HIGHER on the list.   If several hundred of her fans voted once per day for each of these categories she would start to move up to where she belongs…In the Top 10.  
I believe this is just one more Marketing Tool to get the word out about this exceptional vocalist, Dame Shirley Bassey, and with everyone’s help with can do it.   To vote for the 11 Categories once per day it takes 3-4 minutes max. 
Once in the site (SAVE to your Favorites), just type ‘Bassey’ in the Search Box (Upper Right portion of Screen) and all the above lists will come up.  There are a few other line-items that will come up, but you will only vote in the above categories.   As noted above I have listed where Shirley is ranked in each of the above categories to make it easy to find her name, but once you are in each of the categories you can do a ‘Control Find’  (Control F) and type in ‘Bassey’ and it will take you to where she is located. 
Then VOTE!   Then hit the back button to take you out in order to click on the next list.   It’s that SIMPLE!
Let’s all complete this mission and move Shirley up to where she belongs!   As you will see when viewing the various lists that Sarah Brightman’s fans have done a great job for her.   Some of the others who are ranked higher than Shirley will make you chuckle, but we can change this.

If you’d like to see Shirley higher in these charts then vote.  I’ve already done it.  Let’s put up there where she belongs at NUMBER ONE!!

Thank you Scott.

Spectacular Diamonds Unveiled!

Below is a report of a cocktail party hosted by jeweller Graff in Monte Carlo on 31st July that was attended by Dame Shirley Bassey.

It’s nice to see DSB out and about again after her recent illness.

When it comes to spectacular diamonds we all know that Shirley is the most spectacular of them all!

Graff Unveils 224-carat Diamond Necklace

MONTE CARLO – British jeweler Graff rocked Monte Carlo by unveiling a 224-carat necklace, with all the diamonds cut from the same stone.
The key attraction at a cocktail party for its elite clientele here last Thursday, The Lesotho Promise necklace boasted 26 white D-flawless diamonds, the most valuable on the grading system. All were extracted from the 15th largest rough diamond ever found, a 603-carat stone discovered in a mine in Lesotho, South Africa, last year and snapped up by Graff.
Other rare gems displayed in the palatial Salle d’Empire at Monte Carlo¹s
Hotel de Paris included The Flame, a 100-carat pear shaped D-flawless diamond, along with a multi-colored display of Graff¹s finest diamonds and emeralds.
“These are the best diamonds in the world,” asserted chairman and founder Laurence Graff, who noted he¹s already received two offers for the Promise although neither was high enough. “We’re still waiting.”
Guests in sparkling dresses ranged from local socialites to Russian billionaires. “I’ve never seen stones like this,” said singer Shirley Bassey, a Monaco resident. “I had to come because of my song – “Diamonds are Forever,” she quipped.

Shirley Bassey at Graff Cocktail Party in Monte Carlo
Shirley Bassey at Graff Cocktail Party in Monte Carlo

With thanks to Hope