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‘The Rhythm Divine’ – New Bootleg Mixes by DJ Hani

Yello Ft. Shirley Bassey – Rhythm Divine (Hani`s Bootleg Mix)

Yello Ft. Shirley Bassey – Rhythm Divine (Hani`s Bootleg Dub)

“2002 I was experimenting one late night with Native Instruments Reaktor making some tribal drums and trippy sounds. It sounded really different from what I was doing at the time. It worked really well alone but was missing vocals. I reached for the first thing that was in front of me at the time Yello Feat. Shirley Bassey “Rhythm Divine.” The final result became a monster bootleg mix. Yello wanted to release but couldn’t due to some publishing issues with the various writers of the song…. Due to the lack of funds and total disregard by record labels, most of my work is not available anywhere online. I’ve put an extensive effort in remastering all my productions and remixes to make them available here on I had to do this before I die to save this work from extinction because no one else will. With your support this music will live on forever. The money I make here goes to keeping this site alive & running moreover, it will encourage me to go on doing what I do best.”

Additional Production and Remix by DJ Hani at NUM Sound, NYC.