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It is with sadness that we have learned that Peggy has passed away. Peggy ran the blog when it was known as ‘Peggy’s Blog’ for a considerable time and kept many fans informed of news regarding Dame Shirley. She made the blog popular and many fans loved to read her reports. She will be sadly missed by all.

I sat next to Peggy at Faenol which was the last concert Peggy saw Shirley. She was thrilled to be seeing her idol once again after following Shirley since the early years. Although it was terrible weather there was no way she was going to miss the show even though she laughed and said she hoped we didn’t all catch pneumonia after sitting in the terrible rain. She was a lovely lady and spoke excitedly about Shirley and about the blog (it was Peggy’s Blog) then. She said she loved that she was able to bring things to fan’s attention. Obviously we spoke very little during Shirley’s performance but after ‘You Needed Me’ she turned and said ‘That’s why I Love Shirley … such emotion!’.

Peggy we dedicate this performance to your memory.

Rest In Peace.

NEW CD releases



Thanks to Ed for this super news from BGO.  The specialist label who release high quality remastered CDs of albums previously only available on vinyl LPs:


Beat Goes On Records have confirmed that they are releasing a further three CDs this year, starting off with a double CD At The Pigalle/Live At Talk Of The Town in August.


And as if that wasn’t exciting enough this will be followed by a CD release of Shirley’s album “Live In Japan 1974” – an album previously only released on vinyl in Japan. In my opinion this is the best live album Shirley ever produced and its release on CD is long overdue and exciting news indeed. Later in the year a double CD featuring the albums “Stops The Shows” and “12 Of Those Songs” will complete the hat trick.


For details of all the latest releases visit Latest DSB Releases link at the top left.”


NEW BGO release


The splendid new work of art by Beat Goes On Records is now available in the UK, with a USA release date next month.

BGO, as many fans know, are a specialist English label who remaster old albums by a variety of stars, do a fantasic technical job, and re-release them with newly designed CD sleeve notes.

You Take My Heart Away and Yesterdays are both  great historic vinyl albums, now on a two CD set.

With 5 bonus tracks.

Please click here for more details

Peggy says “BUY IT!”

Looks like it’s available now on Amazon UK, and on pre-order on Amazon USA for release March 4th.

Here’s a review on Amazon UK:

“This is a digitally remastered long awaited CD release of two great Bassey albums “You Take My Heart Away” from 1977 and “Yesterdays” from 1978 (plus 5 bonus tracks!). If they were being released for the first time in 2008, they would probably be titled “Great Songs of the Seventies” and “The Great American Songbook”. The title track from the first album is from the movie “Rocky” and is one Bassey’s best recordings. Also included are her versions of classic songs of the seventies including “Silly Love Songs” and “If”. The second album was a complete change in style. Bassey returned to the studio to record in the old fashioned way. Bassey and full orchestra together in the studio, recording “live” just like in the old days. The results are outstanding!. Each song is a powerhouse performance. Many others have since tried to record “The Great American Songbook”, but here we have the greatest female singer of them all performing these classic songs, full throttle with full orchestra.”

Jaguar advert


# The word is about… #


Jaguar used part of History Repeating in an advert for their S-Type.

This advert is dated 1999, the year when the car was launched.

 The song was chosen because Jaguar used styling cues from the original 1960’s S-Type below.

So something was evolving!


Lyrics used in the commercial

The word is about
There’s something evolving
Whatever may come
The world keeps revolving
They say the next big thing is here
That the revolution’s near
But to me it seems quite clear
That it’s all just a little bit of history repeating

Thanks to Gary