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It is with sadness that we have learned that Peggy has passed away. Peggy ran the blog when it was known as ‘Peggy’s Blog’ for a considerable time and kept many fans informed of news regarding Dame Shirley. She made the blog popular and many fans loved to read her reports. She will be sadly missed by all.

I sat next to Peggy at Faenol which was the last concert Peggy saw Shirley. She was thrilled to be seeing her idol once again after following Shirley since the early years. Although it was terrible weather there was no way she was going to miss the show even though she laughed and said she hoped we didn’t all catch pneumonia after sitting in the terrible rain. She was a lovely lady and spoke excitedly about Shirley and about the blog (it was Peggy’s Blog) then. She said she loved that she was able to bring things to fan’s attention. Obviously we spoke very little during Shirley’s performance but after ‘You Needed Me’ she turned and said ‘That’s why I Love Shirley … such emotion!’.

Peggy we dedicate this performance to your memory.

Rest In Peace.

Suits of armour

Radames from the opera Aida 

“A great message on the DSB message board from Radames sticking his neck out and I agree with everything he and others say.

I have being going on for years about DSB singing some old classics that we all love. If she isn’t interested in recording much new stuff, then give us all what we want, and let’s have a fab classic album before she gets too old!”

Thanks to David for this view. Radames has been courageous to risk “being tarred and feathered” for expressing a genuine opinion. Every fan is entitled to say what they believe might be in the best interests of Dame Shirley and her prodigious talent.

Good to see a civilised discussion on the board. We are all friends with the same love of DSB.


I’m Still Here

From the Faenol Festival 2006

Thanks to Scot


Dame Shirley Bassey Airport?

According to the following links, Cardiff are thinking of following Liverpool’s example.

John Lennon International Airport is named after one of the city’s most celebrated sons.

Cardiff  might name its airport after Richard Burton, Sir Tom Jones …or guess who?

 And there’s more speculation:

Imagine landing at Dame Shirley Bassey International Airport!

Code: DSB

Decor by Douglas Darnell, Julien MacDonald and Swarovski crystals.

Piped music everywhere.

Security by the Cardiff International Arena.

Catering by the Hotel de Paris, Monte-Carlo.

Lady’s underwear shop by Tom Jones.

Immigration Control by Auric Goldfinger and Odd Job.

Free feather boa and pink champagne to all arriving passengers.

Strictly no helicopters.