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Popcorn culture airport?

More about the renaming of Cardiff’s airport…

In an article in METRO:

“The new name will be decided by the airport’s marketing team along with their partners and major stakeholders.

Cardiff-based advertising executive Jason Gill called for the name to have gravitas.

He said: ‘I would like to see the late Richard Burton or Roald Dahl be considered. I hope they don’t succumb to the current celebrity-craved popcorn culture and choose someone like Zeta-Jones or Shirley Bassey.’

Cardiff airport’s marketing manager Cassie Munton said: ‘I can’t imagine the decision going to a public vote as we have to take this very seriously.’ “

As all us fans know, Dame Shirley has achieved an illustrious and creative career of over 50 years. She has worked hard to be a truly international icon. Not to mention her support and personal donations to a variety of charities. She has been honoured with endless awards, plus the Legion D’Honeur, France’s highest, and of course the female equivalent of a knighthood. Her music has covered a wide variety of genres, not just pop.

What are your thoughts?

They won’t take a public vote because they know that the good people of Cardiff would vote for the DSB Party. Who wouldn’t?

Think Cardiff and you think Shirley! By far and away the city’s most distinguished daughter.

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# above us only sky #

When Liverpool changed its old name (“Speke”) to something more flashy (“John Lennon“), it saw a jump in passenger numbers.



Statue of John Lennon inside the airport.

‘Imagine’ Cadiff doing one of DSB.


Fly with Dame Shirley Bassey Airlines 🙂

Pink champagne served. First Class only. Fabulous dahling!

(actually Pinkair which operates from Liverpool)

All Sold Out Part 2 of 3



The second part of this rare film features an introduction of the orchestra & Yesterday When I Was Young.


By coincidence this song was featured on the recent page about Charles Aznavour.



Yesterday When I Was Young

Music and original French lyrics written by Charles Aznavour.

English lyrics by Herbert Kretzmer.


Released 1970 on the album Something.


Live recordings have been released on the albums:

Live In Japan 1974

Live In Japan 1977

The Birthday Concert


The album has been re-released digitally remastered on CD and this song is available on many CD Collections too.


Details of this video were given on yesterday’s page.



Thanks to Steve for these welcome comments:




I just had to email you, ‘Nobody does it like me’ – that video clip is the best clip of our wonderful Dame that I’ve seen for such a long time, from the guy operating The Royal Albert Hall switchboard to the fantastic gown Shirley is wearing – it’s all excellent. I have to ask – where do people find these clips??


Keep up the good work



All Sold Out Part 1 of 3


Today I’m pleased to present the first of a trilogy of newly transcribed videos from Pieter (Daanemartina).


Three VERY RARE clips


from “We’re all Sold out for Miss Bassey”



“Hi Peggy,

…A promotion film made by United Artists Records in the early seventies.

I don’t think anyone has even seen these:


Part 1 of 3:




It was on film originally, and we had it transformed to DVD by a professional.


Hope every fan enjoys there rare videos of our favourite Dame.


Warmest wishes from Pieter.”




We’re All Sold Out For Miss Bassey” is a true Shirley Bassey rarity.


Produced by United Artists to promote Miss Bassey.


The film includes rare backstage and rehearsal footage and a candid interview with Shirley herself. Shirley discusses her nerves before performing, her reaction to the audience and the special relationship she has with them.


The following songs are performed: Nobody Does It Like Me, Yesterday When I Was Young & The Greatest Performance Of My Life. These rare performances are electrifying and were recorded at the peak of Shirley’s international stardom.

 Parts 2 and 3 will be added on Tuesday and Wednesday




Nobody Does It Like Me

Music written by Cy Coleman and lyrics by Dorothy Fields.


Released in 1974 on the album Nobody Does It Like Me. Live on The Birthday Concert in 1997 and from the same concert on The Diamond Collection. The studio version is available on CD on the collection Diamonds Are Forever. A live video recording has been released on Live In Concert – You Ain’t Heard Nothing Yet and on the TV Show DVD A Special Lady.


This song is from the Broadway musical “Seesaw”. The premiere was on March 18th, 1973 in the Uris Theatre in New York, and the musical had 296 performances though the show never recouped its investment. “Seesaw” was a two-handed play about a kooky, loveable single girl and her relationship with a strait-laced lawyer.

If you’re interested in the disastrous background of the production read Seesaw on the Dorothy Fields Website.


Another song performed by Shirley Bassey composed by the same duo is ‘Hey Big Spender’.







If there’s a wrong way to do it

A wrong way to play it

Nobody does it like me


If there’s a wrong way to do it

A right way to screw it up

Nobody does it like me


I’ve got a big loud mouth

I’m always talking much to free

If you go for tact and manners

Better stay away from me

If there’s a wrong way to keep it cool

A right way to be a fool

Nobody does it like me


I hear a love song or ballad

I toss like a salad

Nobody tosses like me


And when my evenings get tougher

I just take two Bufferin

And drink a hot cup of tea

Last night I met an old acquaintance

At a fancy corner pub

He said: Come on, let’s have some supper

So he used my credit-club

If there’s a wrong way to take a guy

The worst way to make a guy

Nobody does it like me


If there’s a wrong bell, I ring it

A wrong note, I sing it

Nobody does it like me


If there’s a problem, I duck it

I don’t solve it, I just muck it up

Nobody does it like me


As though I try to be a lady

I’m no lady, I’m a broad

And when I talk like I’m a lady

What I sound like is a frog

If there’s a wrong way to get a guy

The right way to lose a guy

Nobody does it like me


Nobody does it No, nobody does it

Nobody does it like me

Nobody does it like me


(Transcribed by David and Roman)



About the gown Dame Shirley Bassey is wearing for this show:


A sensational stage ensemble by Douglas Darnell comprising: a bias cut gown with fitted bodice, the red silk ground encrusted with ruby red sequins and studded with Swarovski clear crystals, the thin shoulder straps crossed above a low-cut back with two long clear crystal strands terminating in large tassels of vari-coloured crystals, rhinestones and beads, the skirt with flowing train lined in gold silk tissue; with matching voluminous coat of scarlet velvet, the three-quarter length sleeves embroidered with a lattice design of gold sequins infilled with flowerheads of gold beads, imitation pearls, clear and ‘hyazinth’ crystals and iridescent sequins, the collar, sleeves and opening trimmed with a deep border of scarlet feathers, lined in gold silk tissue


Weight of gown: approx. 2.5kg.


According to Darnell, this gown was originally made to the famous cut-out design and is pictured in this early form on the 1970s album cover Burn My Candle.

Sold at Christies auction 2005.