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The Dame of your life


Will DSB go from Number 3 to Number 1 this week?

Even if she doesn’t, Number 3 is a huge achievement.

As in previous weeks, check the new Billboard Dance chart on Thursday or Friday:

Link here

Her success in America has generated a new wave of fans in 2008.

This release has worked beautifully!

New Management


Dame Shirley announces her new Manager and Musical Director


April Fool!

Did we getcha?

Wha’d’ya mean NO?

From the XIth Magic Grand Prix in Monaco 1995

Photos : Corbis

Gowns Guru speaks




for it is he, our Guru (not really)

A welcome observation from Ian, our gowns guru, but not about gowns…

 It’s about the new pictures from Saturday’s Rose Ball…

“Wow! Dame Shirley has lost the weight which is usually a sign she is doing something big with the career!

The big hair of the early 90’s is back!!


Let’s all hope Ian is right.

For he has spoken 🙂



Light My Fire Remix

Audio only, and full of drumming…

Light My Fire Kenny Dope Remix

Thanks to blamekojo

“Kenny ‘Dope’ Gonzalez is one half of the Masters At Work musical production team with Little Louie Vega. Born in 1970, Kenny started his DJ career in 1985 organizing neighborhood block parties in his home of Brooklyn, New York with his then partner, Mike Delgado. Under the Masters At Work moniker, the parties became quite successful and attracted Todd Terry who later borrowed the M.A.W. name for 2 record releases. Terry returned the favor at a later date when he loaned Gonzalez a drum machine which began his interest in producing beats.”