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Record sleeves from the past – 3

This is a 16 track compilation album from Australia.  It was released on the EMI label.  As there is no date given on the album it is difficult to say when it was released.  All the tracks are from the ’60’s but the photo on the cover suggests it was issued later.

Shirley was extremely popular in Australia and toured there quite frequently.  There were albums released unique to Australia, this being one of them.  As far as I’m aware this one is quite rare and very rarely seen.  A very nice album and a lovely photo of Shirley on the front of the sleeve.  There are no other photos with the songs titles printed on the back of the cover.  As you can see from the titles listed on the cover all the tracks are from her Columbia recordings.


Record sleeves from the past – 2.

This double album was released in Belgium in 1977 on the EMI label.  A compilation of 24 tracks all taken from her Columbia recordings.  The release was part of the ‘Blue Line’ series.

Issued in a gatefold sleeve there are no liner notes and the only  photos are the ones on the sleeve front cover.  Inside there are photos of the other albums available in the series.  The back of the sleeve lists the tracks on the album.  There is only the song ‘I’ll Get By’ which was a hit that is included and the rest are a mixture of album and single release songs but none of her hits.  Some unusual songs though that are not normally on compilation albums are included.  Songs such as ‘Angel D’Amore’, ‘Secrets’, ‘How Can You Tell’ and ‘In Other Words’.  A really lovely release and I think a really nice unusual colourful sleeve.


Record sleeves from the past.

They say vinyl is making a come back so as a new feature I thought it might be interesting to show different vinyl sleeves of Shirley’s records from the past.  These will include sleeves of albums, EPs and singles from different countries.  Several of the promo albums from Japan were never released.  All the sleeves that are featured are from my own record collection.

The first one is a Japanese promo of an album called ‘Goldfinger’ on the EMI label.  This is a compilation album containing 12 tracks.  I do not know if this was ever released with this sleeve.  I have 3 versions of albums with this title from Japan all with the same tracks but different sleeves.  The other two sleeves will be shown later.  I have to be honest and admit that I really do like Japanese albums especially if they still have the obi.  They released a number of albums with really great sleeves.