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I Was Here (Duet with Beyonce)

Yesterday I received an email from DJ Ace.
He made mashup/remix/duet of Dame Shirley Bassey versus Beyonce of the song I Was Here and he is wondering what Dame Shirley fans think of it. So please leave your comment below and on Youtube.

Where Do I begin (Love Story)

A few weeks ago a commercial appeared from Dior with Dame Shirley’s Where Do I Begin in it. Below You will find the commercial and a live version from Italian TV from 1971 and all the remixes that were made of Where Do I Begin (Love Story):

AwayTEAM Instrumental Edit

AwayTEAM Mix

AwayTEAM Single Edit

Awayteam 2009 Cello Remix

C-Rem The Producer Remix

PH & Particular Edit

Super Affective Beat Tape 2013 Remix

Super Affective Remix

Hip Hop

Send In The Clowns

Today this pretty remix found on Soundcloud by “Seeing”…

Click here for earlier posts about the original versions of this song, or enjoy the live version from Japan 1977 below…

Diamonds Are Forever