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‘Apartment’ – Cocas Club Mix by Mike Danavans

A remix from several years ago recently added to Soundcloud. The song is from Shirley Bassey’s 2009 album, ‘The Performance.’

The original version can be found in the video below…

Italian Remix of ‘History Repeating’ by Mood Funk

This mix of Bassey/Propellerheads’ ‘History Repeating’ was created by Sicilian Angelo Ferreri, the owner of Mood Funk Records. He told us that Shirley is a star whose voice has inspired him.

Angelo Ferreri

Big Spender Bootleg Remix

“I love EDM music, I think that we can transport a lot of emotions and very intense moments with than kind of music. The same emotion and feelings that Shirley Bassey can make with her songs, she is really amazing. So, one day, when I was return to my home, I started to think, what if I can mix the same emotions and feeling from Shirley songs with EDM music. And here I am with my remix version of Big Spender…”

Thanks to Jorge Corsi from Argentina for sharing his story with us.

‘If You Go Away’ by DROC

“The idea for the song came after I did the instrumental to it. I was looking for vocals to put on the song and I listened to a lot of vintage records to find what I needed. I came across Shirley Bassey and I thought it would be a perfect match. The vibe of her voice and the melancholic subject matter matched perfectly what I had in mind. I was really happy about the result and to me it is my best work to date.

“I couldn’t wait to release it. I tried to feel how the audio would translate in pictures. I had the idea of bringing up the feeling of an old VHS-Tape. I wanted to keep the video minimalist and not too action-packed, because it is the perfect song to relax and just let the mind go in the clouds. In the first half of the video I mostly edited in my own recordings, which I recorded with my phone and edited it to make them look like they would come from a lost VHS-Tape. I wanted to catch that atmosphere. The atmosphere of memories, the atmosphere of surreal thinking and the atmosphere of inner peace and self-reflection. I put an old VHS recording of a sunset in the second half of the video. That is the only thing I put in there. I wanted to stay true to the minimalist approach, so I put that one element in there. And since the second half of the song is a little bit more quite, without many loud drums it just felt perfect.

“As I said, the general idea was to convert audio in colors and make it fit together. I wanted to create an experience for the listener. A little bubble without any problems and the negativity in this world. A way to disconnect from the real world and dive in the atmosphere of said subjects. Memories, surreal thoughts and self-reflection.”

With thanks to DROC for sharing his video and story with us.

Single Cover – If You Go Away