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[REMIX] Shirley Bassey – I Will Survive (NorthXNWest Mix)

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[REMIX] Shirley Bassey – Goldfinger (Mr Bristow and T-Phonic)


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[REMIX] Shirley Bassey – The Living Tree (Superbass Vocal)

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[REMIX] Getting The Party Started…

Get The Party Started by Dame Shirley Bassey provides the great backing to a new TV commercial from Italy…

This is the start of a new section on The Bassey Blog celebrating great and varied remixes by talented and creative DJs from all over the world. It is our mission to prove how Bassey’s unique voice transcends every boundary of musical possibility and we hope to encourage further talented and creative people to come up with interesting new ideas that we will consider playing on the Blog in the future!

It will come as no surprise that the first remix is Get The Party Started. The club mix by NorthXNWest is my personal favourite of the UK remixes.

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This track comes from the time when Dame Shirley worked with Nikki Lamborn and Catherine ‘Been’ Feeney of Never The Bride. After the recording session for Get The Party Started, Dame Shirley wrote “Nikki and Been, you are an inspiration.” I certainly agree with that statement as I too have become a great fan and some of their lesser known songs are in my opinion even better than The Living Tree!

Whilst on Soundcloud, discover some of the great NTB songs that got away. Here’s my top 5 that I particularly enjoy imagining being given the Shirley Bassey treatment! Some require more imagination than others!

I hope to demonstrate that there is much more to this talented duo than the “two tattooed lesbians” label that was so misleadingly given to them by The Guardian in their review of DSB at Glastonbury. If you are on Twitter please follow me at NTBFriendsUnite!

And finally.. Enjoy a trip down memory lane and revisit the original TV commercial that got the party started 5 years ago…