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Imagine Preview -2009-

Today we have the preview for you from the 2009 documentary ‘Imagine’ that was made to promote Dame Shirley Bassey’s new album at the time ‘The Performance’ . The documentary itself will be shown here next week
Since  it was a documentary on Dame Shirley Bassey, I thought it might be a good idea to add some old newspaper and magazine scans to the posts. I hope you enjoy them!

The  DVD:  on TV  was also released that year and I thought of this entrance ticket for the Roger Whittaker show from 1971 (below). One of my favourite tracks on the DVD.  Especially Dame Shirley’s performance of ‘What about today’.

(With special thanks to Audrey, from super-fan George Webb’s collection)

Alan Yentob gains exclusive access and insight into the creative world of Dame Shirley. After a triumphant Glastonbury appearance and a major illness, at 72, Dame Shirley Bassey, one of our greatest singers, tentatively re-enters the ring to confront her life in song.

Some of the best contemporary songwriters, including Gary Barlow, the Pet Shop Boys, Manic Street Preachers, Rufus Wainwright, Richard Hawley and KT Tunstall, along with the famous Bond composer John Barry and lyricist Don Black, have interpreted her life through song for a new album produced by David Arnold. The songs frame and explore the myth of Shirley Bassey, the girl from Tiger Bay, and the voice and the desire are not found wanting! A back story profiling Shirley, complete with archive of her greatest performances, tells the story of what makes Dame Shirley Bassey the living legend that she is today.


DSB on After Five

Dame Shirley was on her way to a play and an interviewer asked her how does she feel about turning 60?

Zu Gast In Berlin -1987-

Today another request. Several fans asked for My Way from the 1987 concert in Berlin and it is one of the best live versions ever. The concert was in honour of 750 years of Berlin.
Also for you to watch a great version of This Is My Life which concludes this wonderful concert that was broadcast in Eastern (at the time) Germany. The concert was broadcast in its original form and nothing was edited out, which rarely happens.
Also for you to listen the rare American disco version from 1979 of This Is My Life.

From Ian our ‘Gown Guru’ about the dress Dame Shirley Bassey is wearing for this concert:

This gown was designed by Sara Perceval around 1983, Sara did all of the lace chiffon gowns for DSB in the 90’s. We call it the Cockeral Gown for obvious reasons. The gown was worn at Blazers in London in 1984, on British tv in 1987 and in Berlin in 1987 and several other occasions in the late 80’s. It was sadly destroyed in a fire in the early 90’s! 

This Is My Life (Disco) (1979) (Gianatos US Maxi Version) 6:19

Here’s To Life

A very glamorous Dame Shirley posing at her Monte Carlo home

The song “Here’s to life” was recorded by Dame Shirley Bassey in 2014 on her last studio album Hello Like Before. This  recording was made at a concert in Manchester in 2006. Here’s to life was also recorded for `Another audience with DSB’ but not broadcast.

Sound only: with Dame Shirley speaking about the song