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David Walliams on Rock Profile

The BBC  Christmas TV show that is going to be recorded at the end of this month will be hosted by Bassey’s great friend and one of her biggest fans, comedian David Walliams.

David Walliams and Dame Shirley Bassey

In 2006 David Walliams and Matt Lucas did a parodie on Tom Jones and Shirley Bassey in a program called Rock Profile. It is a British television comedy show written by and starring comedy partnership Matt Lucas and David Walliams.

David Walliams plays the part of Tom Jones and Matt Lucas plays the part of Shirley Bassey. The interviewer is Jamie Theakston.

The show comprises a series of spoof interviews, involving Jamie Theakston questioning Lucas and Walliams who play famous musicians. The interviews are often bizarre and involve broad, unflattering caricatures or just downright fictional characteristics. They are often interspersed with videos by the featured artist, including humorous captions and congratulations from other impersonated celebrities.

The episode with Shirley Bassey is all about her famous line ‘ She doesn’t have the range’   from a 1997 TV-documentary where Dame Shirley and her dinner guests speak about the Bond movie Golden Eye.


Shirley Bassey speaks the famous line ‘She didn’t have the range for it

Dame Shirley Bassey and David Walliams on the 2014 Graham Nortion show where they speak about Rock Profile

And finally David Walliams is serenading Dame Shirley with her own Bond theme Moonraker

The Wall



“The Wall” is a popular song, written by Clyde Otis.
It was most successfully popularized by Patti Page in 1957. The Page recording was issued by Mercury Records as catalog number 71059, (the flip side of “A Poor Man’s Roses (or a Rich Man’s Gold)”) and first reached the Billboard chart on March 6, 1957, lasting 6 weeks and peaking at #43.

Other 1957 recordings were made by Eileen Rodgers as Columbia Records catalog number 40850, and by Brook Benton. Shirley Bassey recorded the track at this time whilst in New York, and it was issued in 1959 as an album track. The song can be found on an album called “Somebody loves me”  with on the a-side a live registration of a concert at the Café De Paris in London. “The Wall” has not been re-released yet on a compilation CD. For previous information on “The Wall” by DavidB click here

Lyrics The Wall:

There’s a wall between us,
and it’s not made of stone.
Although we’re together,
I feel so alone.
Though you say you love me ,
There’s no warmth in your kiss,
Speak your mind my darling,
We can’t go on like this.
(We can’t go on like this)

Is it somethin’  I’ve done that changed you?
Has somethin’  I’ve said hurt you so?
Is there someone else that you care for?

What ever it is let me know.

There’s a wall between us,
will it  keep us apart?
Darling tare down that wall,
and mend my broken heart,
and mend my broken heart.
(Tare down, tare down, tare down that wall)