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Dame Meets Bears Behind #ItsGotToBeBassey Viral – Interview and Photos!

2 men … 24 Bond films … 294 seconds … Paul Joseph and Tim Benzie added themselves seamlessly into EVERY Bond film (including Spectre) to tell all the 007s who they think should sing the theme song for Spectre … It’s got to be Bassey.

An update on the progress of the It’s Got To Be Bassey campaign can be heard on the following radio interview with Nick Randall:

The photos below from Facebook capture when the boyz bumped into charitable Dame Shirley last month at Variety Book Launch:

It's Got To Be Bassey

Somewhere Over The Rainbow, My way & Interview

Today the blog features another clip from French TV (TF 1). This one is from April 9th. 1978. The program is called Les rendez-vous du dimanche. It was recorded in Paris where Dame Shirley Bassey was performing for her 25th. Anniversary tour. Dame Shirley sings two songs: Somewhere Over The Rainbow (From the album Yesterdays) & My Way (From the album Something) MDS00033 MDS00025 MDS00029

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1978 V