Vote for Shirley + 2000 Gallery – Part 1

Dame Shirley Bassey’s recent television special “Another Audience With Shirley
Bassey” has been nominated for a National Television Award.

The show is up against some stiff competition in the “Most Popular Entertainment Programme” category, but every vote counts!

Cast your vote online today by visiting and following the

If you live in Britain you can also vote by text by sending “NTA EPG 1” to
“83010.” Text votes cost 25p (plus standard network charges) and you may only vote once.

Voting closes on Friday 4th August 2006 and winners will be announced at a
star-studded ceremony to be broadcast on ITV1 in November.


As promised, here’s the start of photos taken in 2000 by Dave Stevenson.

There are plenty more to come for your viewing pleasure.

As always, left click to see a bigger photo. Then Back button to return.

Photo of the week + cape for sale + movie clip

It’s 1956 and a new singing sensation poses for a colour publicity shot.

Thanks to Arthur for this remarkable Early Shirley.

Ahead was an amazing 50+ years of being the best singer in the world.

# I thank you for the years
I thank you for the good times
As we go on together
I just want to say I’m glad you’re here tonight
Thank you for the way you’ve touched my life #



Shirley Bassey Christie’s Auction Stage Gown

For sale in Australia on eBay

Buy It Now price: Australian Dollars 9,500

(AUD9,500 converts today to GBP3,831)

Auction ends 1st August

Click on this link to go straight to the auction

I’m flattered that the seller included a link to my 2003 report.
It brought that wonderful evening all back to me.

Thanks to Astrid and Mark for finding this auction

Better, better, better, better

It’s only 9 seconds long but here’s a rose being thrown at Birmingham.
To the enjoyable coda of Hey Jude –

Click here Na na na nananana…

# Remember to let her into your heart #


… Best

This Blog gets better too, with 110 posts and average 6,000+ hits a day from around the world.

When I started it on 6th March I thought I’d be lucky to have 10 visitors a day and one photo a week.

It’s the most popular DSB resource on the Internet.

A joy to run, thanks to the superb material sent in by fans.

# The minute you let her under your skin
Then you begin to make it better. #

One from Dave Stevenson’s 2000 gallery – to be posted real soon

CD and DVD release dates?

I’ve received a few enquiries about this.

Basically: # I don’t know. You stick around now it may show #

I am just another fan, and have no contact with Shirley and her management.

Speculation: The new studio album is partly recorded, there have been delays, and that it should be out before Christmas. Mike Dixon is Musical Director, and it will include some of the new songs performed on the tour.

No sign at all of the DVD of Another Audience, which was mentioned over the PA during the recording in Granada TV studios last October. But we have our own video/DVD home recordings of the broadcast.

No DVD of the tour.

The single of The Living Tree release date (as previously announced via Never The Bride) is 28th August – the day after Brynfest. Not long to wait for this masterpiece.

As soon as I hear any news, rumours or speculation, it will be posted here.

If you hear anything please let me know, either directly or on the message board.

Bryn + eBay auctions + 5.1 Moonraker + Paris concert

Bryn to sing with Shirley?

According to his latest interview for the Holyhead Mail on July 19th,
Bryn Terfel said: “I hope to join Shirley on stage for one song.”
On Sunday 27th August.

The annual Faenol Festival has been televised in past years, so hopefully Shirley’s performance will be taped.

Link to North Wales web site

Link to Brynfest Faenol Festival home page

Watch Shirley and Bryn’s fantastic duet # World in Union #

Click here and play loud


Have you seen…?

More auctions on eBay


Moonraker in surround sound

For movie buffs, the Ultimate Edition of Moonraker is available.
With 5.1 surround sound, Shirley’s beautiful 1979 song comes alive.
John Barry’s music is at its peak in the incidental themes.

Link to review on DVD Times


Paris concert 1987 Aids Gala

Thanks to Astrid

Stay cool with Shirley

Cool shades
Beverley Hills, California, USA 1991
Thanks to Arthur


For all you HOT fans in the UK heatwave today…


Summer is a state of mind

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