Beautiful in Birmingham

“She’s better than ever!” a woman in the Birmingham audience said last night, and she had a point.

The quality of this tour is astonishing everyone. Shirley is in fantastic voice.

Her gowns are in yellow and red – the colours of fire.
And the audiences have been ignited by the dazzling heat of her performances.

Here are some exceptional photos taken at Manchester, with thanks to André Boon.

Loads more pictures and reports are coming soon, so please visit again.
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Wembley Arena tomorrow. I’m wrecked!

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Cool in Cardiff

Another superb performance in her home city last night.

There will be full written reports soon. Birmingham tonight!
Shirley is a 29 year old, larking about on stage, having fun with the audience and singing magnificently.

Here’s a fine photo taken at Manchester by Astrid. There are lots of photos in the pipeline so keep visiting! I’m exhausted – how does she do it?

The only problem at Cardiff was the over zealous security men. They confiscated flowers from the audience before the show saying that Shirley had specially requested no flowers. I don’t believe them. It upset a lot of fans.

They stopped people giving the traditional gifts and flowers to her between songs. Some had to almost fight their way through the henchmen, including a fan with a magnum of champagne whe pushed through saying “I’ve got to!”. Shirley was delighted to accept the bubbly and pretended to drink it later in the show. During the finale they stopped people going down to the stage, and Shirley had to signal for them to come forward.

The CIA Security was ill-judged for such a good-natured audience. They spoilt the evening for a friend who spent a lot of money on a huge bouquet. They snatched it off her and dumped it among the wires and equipment hidden left of the stage. This was disgusting, I have never seen a Shirley show without flowers from her adoring audience. At Glasgow and Manchester they were allowed.

Massive in Manchester

Many thanks to Dave Stevenson for all these hot pictures.

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Concert Review From Manchester Evening News

The following review by Helen Tither is from today’s Manchester Evening News:

Resplendent in sequins, chiffon and feathers, Dame Shirley Bassey glides onto the M.E.N. Arena stage like a tropical bird of paradise.

Arms outstretched as the orchestra takes up a medley of her greatest hits and the curtain of stars twinkle behind her the 69-year-old showbiz veteran received a hero’s welcome from her loyal fans.

And let’s face it, looking this good after 53 years in the business, she deserves it.

From then on the stage is set for a night of pure, unadulterated drama. Kitsch and camp but utterly fabulous Dame Shirley oozes glamour with every theatrical swirl of her fingers or flick of her chiffon cape.

And she knows how to get her fans excited too.

“I always get a good welcome in Manchester,” she purrs.

Old ones

“I know you like it when I sing the old ones but I’ve got some new ones too. I’ve got to do something to keep you interested – as if this wasn’t enough!”

Then she’s off high-kicking across the stage wiggling in her thigh-high dress like Marilyn Monroe for two renditions of Big Spender.

It’s no wonder they call her the Tigress of Tiger Bay.

Hit follows hit like a night at the London Palladium, from Something to I am what I am and the Bond theme tune medley – Goldfinger, Diamonds Are Forever, and Moonraker.

But the real star of the show is her voice.

Put it this way, if I look half as good as her at 69, I will be donning a thigh-high dress and skipping across the Arena stage too.

Click here to see the review on the Manchester Online website.

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