Arthur’s Theme (The Best That You Can Do) Part 1

The title of that song describes the tremendous work done by Arthur Rugg and his colleagues a few years ago. They produced a magazine for fans.

1. Chatting with fans after her show at Westbury Music Fair. Long Island, New York. USA. 10/21/97

In those analog days it was a whole lot of work. The information and photos collected, the pages designed, and then the expensive colour printing. Arthur spent hours collating the pages on his living room floor; and personally stapling the magazines, in spite of suffering asthma attacks. Then distributing them by snail mail to the fans on his subscription list. It was a labour of love. Two issues were produced each year.

Compared to that, running a web blog is a digital doddle. So many fans have contributed wonderful material.

As previously explained, it’s not my blog, it’s everybody’s blog. The more the better, and every fan is welcome to send anything about our favourite artist.

With thousands of hits daily, it’s seen by an amazingly wide international community.

It costs nothing to #come take a look, give me the hook or the ovation! #

Arthur is pleased to share his lovely photos with other fans. So far, he’s managed to dig out 18 pictures which will be posted 6 a day. With a bonus 19th photo that deserves a day to itself because some gentlemen fans will swoon.

I hope you will all join me in your appreciation for Arthur, and maybe thank him on the message board. Then he might be encouraged to send some more!

# Give ’em the old razzle dazzle, Razzle dazzle ’em #

2. Christie’s Gown Auction July, 2003

3. Vintage postcard promoting her appearance at the Sahara hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada USA. 1968

4.Red feathered cape. Acknowledging audience applause at Carnegie Hall in New York, USA July 1990.

5.Venice Film Festival appearance 2002

6.”Some Enchanted Evening” 2004

Video clip: Diamonds

Click here for Diamonds clip

Taken by phone cam in Birmingham.
It’s not perfect quality – but better than nothing.
The first few seconds are out of focus.
Never mind the quality – feel the voice!


Here are some outstanding rare images of Shirley:

– with reading glasses

– in Amsterdam, round 1991

– interview at the time of the album ‘keep the music playing’

– in 1984, first time (?) without wig

Thank you Marius in the Netherlands for these, and for your captions.


Update on tiaras

£4.6 million was raised at Sir Elton John’s White Ties and Tiaras charity bash, not £3 million as mentioned on blog dated 29 June. This included £500,000 paid by a mystery bidder for a new song.

The Elton John AIDS Foundation official web site:

Click here

More info from this music news report on: page

And a reminder it will be covered in OK! on Tuesday.


Congratulations to Liz and Helen!

Shoes auction raised £520 for charity today

See blog dated 22 June for more info…

Link to eBay item

Zoe’s tattoo

Fans who enjoyed the Birmingham NEC Arena concert may remember this moment.

Instead of gifts and flowers, one cheeky fan was different. Much to Shirley’s amusement.

Referring back to blog dated 17 June ‘Blondie’s Tattoo’. The Birmingham babe who asked DSB to sign her arm with a magic marker.

Blondie is Zoe’s nickname on the message board. She is a brunette and ‘drop-dead gorgeous’ (my son’s observant description).

Nobody had ever asked Shirley to sign a ‘body part’ before. She was laughing so much that she couldn’t start the next song on cue.

“Does your mother know you’re out?” she asked, giggling. She slapped her own wrist saying “Cheeky!”

Since then, Zoe has had a real tattoo made over the autograph. What a fan!

Here’s a message from Zoe:

“DSB said when she was signing that the Bassey part was not good enough and she wanted to do it again on the other arm. But I am happy with the outcome.

“The pen was very thick, it was quite funny. I have other signatures on my arm and usually take a good thin nib pen… I forgot and had to go to a service station on the motorway. I could only get the biggest fattest pen going.

“Some of the other things DSB said to me was….I was the first person ever to have her signature tattooed (I didn’t tell her it was being tattooed….she guessed), she told me she had never been that low on stage before and to that I said “That’s right Shirley…on your knees!” to which she really chuckled.

We carried on the fun and banter for quite a while really…if you remember she had some difficulty with the beginning of the next song as she was laughing so much 🙂

Best wishes,

Congratulations Zoe, and thanks for sharing the fun!


Just to show there are plenty of other great people in Birmingham, the Evening Post wrote the best review of the tour, reproduced below.

One Diva, two frocks and 7,000 adoring fans Jun 9 2006

Shirley Bassey, Nec Arena
Dame Shirley Bassey cemented her reputation as a crowd-pleasing Diva with a vintage performance at the NEC Arena on Wednesday night.

Vintage in the sense of outstandingly good. I haven’t even attempted to research Miss Bassey’s age. To do so would not only be a trifle vulgar, but it would result in a number that would be impossible to reconcile with the agile and flawless persona that captivated the audience for over an hour.

If you’re expecting me to say that Shirley Bassey was anything but wonderful, you’d better stop reading now.

From the start of her set, Miss Bassey radiated a serene pleasure.

“Darling, the pleasure is all mine”, you could almost hear her purr as the orchestra behind her struck up the familiar refrains.

In the age of synthetic pop wannabes, Dame Shirley is relentless in the clarity of her timbre and consistent in her coquettish charm.

She defines what it is to be a real star. Her wide ranging set included some new songs, a medley of her own Bond themes (who else can legitimately do that?) and a wide enough selection of the reliable standards to please every devoted fan.

Big Spender was a favourite of mine, despite the fact I had to concentrate very hard to stop myself from lip-synching and waving my arms extravagantly in the air.

The finale was both predictable and enjoyable. Serene in a sensational, body-hugging, sparkling, scarlet frock, DSB delivered a pitch perfect rendition of the anthem I am what I am with all the vigour and enthusiasm of a first performance, a quality that characterised the entire show.
Steve Bedser

Copyright Birmingham Evening Post
Birmingham Post

Shoes charity auction bid is now up to £310

Only hours to go – the auction ends 2 July 18:00 BST

See blog dated 22 June for more info.

eBay link

Shirley at Elton’s party last night

Sir Elton John’s annual White Tie and Tiara summer party raised over £3 million for his charity, the Elton John Aids Foundation.

Kylie Minogue proved to be another diamonds girl.

She wore bling valued at £3 million, including a 16-carat white gold necklace worth £2.5 million, saying “This is my official coming out.”

Kylie, 38, plans to resume a tour later this year. It was cut short by the diagnosis of breast cancer.

Other high-profile guests dancing the night away were Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, daughters of the Duke of York and Sarah Ferguson.

Kate Moss, Liz Hurley, Pamela Anderson, Tara Palmer-Tomkinson, Elle Macpherson, Rod Stewart, Natalie Imbruglia, Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne, Louise Redknapp and Simon Cowell also attended.

Coverage of the party will be in OK! magazine, out next Tuesday.


Shoes auction bid up to £205
For information see blog dated 22 June

Only a day to go!

Click here for the eBay auction

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