Photo of the Week – No. 1

This is a photo of the white shimmy gown, as worn at the Royal Festival Hall. It fetched a mere £5,000 at Christie’s charity auction in 2003. She had an identical gown in black that went for £10,000.

More Photos of the Week will appear soon – so keep on blogging, baby!

Vintage sheet music cover photos No. 13

Here’s another from a collection of 18 historic sheet music covers.

Thanks to Mikey Mike for this collection.

But don’t worry about what happens after Photo No. 18 is uploaded –
Carl from New Zealand has kindly sent me loads more!

More FABULOUS photos of Another Audience

Here’s some fabulous screenshots from Granada TV’s “Another Audience With Shirley Bassey”.

Please see the blog dated March 12th for a report on the TV studio experience.

Many thanks to my friend Astrid, an Uberfan from Germany, for this glorious gallery.

Scroll down to enjoy, click on any picture to enlarge.

Your Invitation to a Fans Party

Thanks to Ed for arranging this party both before and after Shirley’s concert at Manchester:-

An informal private fan get-together is planned for 4th June.
The event will take place from 3pm onwards at Tiger Tiger, a well known bar/cafe in Manchester’s Printworks complex, which is only 2-3 minutes walk from Shirley’s concert venue, The Manchester Evening News Arena.

They have a web site giving a map, menu and pictures:-

It will give fans who have travelled from all over the country (or the world in some cases) a unique chance to meet up with other fans and to swap stories before heading for a wonderful evening with the Dame.

It will be held in a separate and private bar area and a selection of favourite Shirley Bassey tunes (chosen by myself) will be played in the background to really get us all in the mood!

Entrance is free and those wishing to dine there may do so from 5pm. A wide selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are available and are charged at standard city-centre prices.

After the concert you may return to Tiger Tiger free of charge.

If you would like to attend please drop me a line as soon as possible using the link below. Everyone is welcome. The more the merrier.

I look forward to seeing you there.


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