Harry’s painting

Thanks to HarryH for this story of how he bought an abstract-influenced work of art at Shirley’s auction.

For more information on the auction in June 2005 at Rosebery’s (South London) please see my report in “Songs of Dame Shirley Bassey”. It was a unique opportunity to buy some relatively inexpensive items from her former London apartment.


I went to the viewing of DSB’s home and personal belongings at Rosebery’s auctioneers, not really knowing what to expect.

I kind of had mixed feelings really, as this was just another reminder that this amazing lady was on the road to retirement (little did I know), which to be honest I was struggling to accept. However, on the positive side it was an excuse to meet up with some of the fans that over the years have become my best friends. It was like a reunion really, as we had not done much together since the 2003 gowns auction at Christie’s.

I had no intention of buying anything, just to browse and get that funny stomach feeling that I adore when I’m doing anything that is remotely to do with the Great Lady.

So, to cut a long story short, I saw the portrait sketch of DSB and fell in love with it.

Having lived in my home for 2 years, and trying to live the minimalist lifestyle, all my walls are completely blank. However, I thought that one day I would find the perfect picture to go in my lounge.

I decided to put in a commission bid at the reception that day, as I knew I was unable to attend the actual auction. So it was left to the auctioneer to do the honours. When I called Rosebery’s on the day of the auction I was delighted to find out that I was the proud owner of this amazing portrait, which now has a new home on my wall.

I now take great pride in pointing it out to house visitors and telling them the story. The picture was sketched in 1976 and it actually had a place on Shirley’s wall, how amazing is that?

The CD is out now!

Yes, today’s the 1st of May the release date.

The Double CD is for sale online, in your nearest HMV shop and other fine purveyors of gramophone recordings.

Full details are on my blog dated 22nd April.

This release is a FIVE STAR Peggy recommendation.

Early Shirley at her finest.

Trust me , BUY IT!

Vintage sheet music cover photos No. 4

Here’s another from a collection of 18 historic sheet music covers.

More soon.

Special thanks to Mikey Mike.

Vintage sheet music cover photos No. 3

Here’s another from a collection of 18 historic sheet music covers.

More soon.

Special thanks to Mikey Mike.

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