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Dame Shirley Bassey attends the Monaco Grand Prix

Dame Shirley Bassey attended the Monaco Grand Prix last Sunday.
It has been a long time ago since we have seen any new pictures of her but she looks fabulous.
Also present at the event were Kylie Minogue and ex Spice Girl Geri Horner-Halliwell whose husband was one of the organisers of the event. In the past Dame Shirley has not always been in Monaco for the Grand Prix but this year she was.

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Send In More Clowns

Shirley Bassey loves clowns and had a big collection of them
As a follow up on the previous blog From The Archive 1975 , by request of many, more about Send In The Clowns, plus 3 more live versions from the 1985 Cardiff concert and the 1987 Berlin concert and audio only from the 1977 concert in Japan. The song was also featured on the 1975 and 1976 BBC shows. Send In the Clowns was performed by many other singers too and I once read a poll where they asked all the singers who sang it if the knew what the lyrics meant but nobody really did. But you can find the explanation of the lyrics in THIS PREVIOUS POST. (Featured image by John den Outer) On the previous blog somebody wrote a wonderful comment and in case you haven’t seen it you can read it now here below; (By Eddie Gordon). As a music fan who has been collecting records for well over 50 years and worked at every level of the music business, with some great success too in the UK and the US, my ears tell me that Shirley Bassey is the most talented singer Britain has ever produced. Her pronunciation is beyond compare, maybe Judy Garland at her best came close. Just listen to Shirley on one line ‘the fool on the hill’ to hear how she brings those words alive. I’ve worked closely with some legends of the last 40 years including Diana Ross and Donna Summer plus had hits with some major pop, euro, dance, rap-hip hop artists, have seen Dolly, Barbara, Whitney* live in concert but nothing compares to the girl from Tiger Bay. *Whitney Houston’s performance of the US national anthem at the 1991 Super Bowl, shows what an amazing vocalist she really was in her prime. (its on Youtube).This 1987 sold-out concert in Berlin, Germany is testament to her unique ability to emotionally deliver the lyrics of a song so even a large and relatively non-English speaking audience embrace the song. The audience applause gets louder and more appreciative song by song, culminating in a finale of clapping that lets Shirley know how much they enjoyed her performance. Personally, alongside the likes Al Green, Marvin Gaye, Barry White, Maria Callas and Miles Davis (the jazz giant), Shirley Bassey singing her vast repertoire of songs so perfectly is what makes life, in these difficult times, something to love the world for.

Send In The Clown From Live In Japan 1977

Tina Turner passed away at 83

In London with Tina Turner 1979

FB_IMG_1684959408858Yesterday there was the very sad news Tina Turner passed away in Switzerland after a long illness.

Dame Shirley commented on Facebook and Instagram:

Tina and I were friends during the golden age of Pop, Rock & Roll! She really gave it her everything and was a fantastic performer. I’m deeply saddened to hear of her passing. My condolences to her family and friends. May she rest in peace.

RIP Philip, and thank you

Last week came the sad news that Dame Shirley super-fan, Philip Gundill, had died.

Well known to the Blog Team, and to all the Dame Shirley Bassey community, Philip had followed The Dame’s career almost from the very beginning, if not, in fact, from the very beginning.

He was an active participant in all the online discussions about Dame Shirley’s work, offering his perspective as a long-term admirer.

Back in 2012, Philip requested that the blog showcase ‘I Just Have to Breathe’, “For no special reason other than to hear Shirley’s superb voice control”, to quote Philip himself. 

In 2020, he reflected on The Dame’s latest album, especially “Adagio”, commenting: “The one I waited for with baited breath.

“Lara is still around but this eclipses it and knocks it out of the ball park. I’m astounded that she can even think about doing it. I’m astounded at the phrasing, the clarity, the breathing on such a complicated melody. I’m absolutely in love with her all over again. It’s going to be hard to even contemplate that this really possibly may be her finale. 😥”.

As we dedicate these two songs to him, the Blog Team, and we’re sure Dame Shirley fans everywhere, would like to say, ‘RIP Philip, and thank you for all you’ve contributed. You will be missed’. We send our deepest condolences to Philip’s partner, Brian, and to all his family and friends.