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Record Sleeves From The Past – 14

United Artists released a 12 track compilation album titled ‘The Singles Album’ which proved to be a big success.  It carried a sleeve with a photo of Shirley taken by Lord Snowdon.  However in Australia the album had the sleeve that was used on the UK album ‘Live At Carnegie Hall’.

The track listing is the same as the UK release but what is interesting is the inner sleeve on some of the copies of this release.  On one side of the inner sleeve are photos of her album sleeves that have been released in Australia but on the other side is a photo of Shirley which as far as I’m aware hasn’t been used on any other album.  I must add that not all copies of this release had this inner sleeve though.

SB - The Singles Album - Australia

SB - The Singles Album Insert - Australia

SB - The Singles Album Insert 2 - Australia

Record Sleeves From The Past – 13

When Shirley celebrated her 25th Anniversary United Artists released a 2 album set containing 40 of her recordings from her Philips, Columbia and United Artists catalogues.    This is released on the Liberty label and also has 40 tracks.  I have to be honest and admit that I do not know if they are the same tracks but I imagine they are.

The sleeve is very brightly coloured and there are two concert photos used on the front and back of the sleeve.  Inside there is a 4 page insert contained b/w photos but I have only scanned 3 of them as the 4th is all Japanese writing and there are no photos on it.  As always with Japanese records the quality is superb.

SB - 25 Anniversay - Japan

SB - 25 Anniversay 2 - Japan

SB - Japan @5th 1

SB - Japan 25 2

SB - Japan 25 3

This is another lovely release from Japan.


Record Sleeves From The Past – 12

This is a 12 track compilation album that was released on the Liberty label in France in 1985.

A really lovely album with tracks from her Columbia and United Artists recordings.  It includes some of her hit recordings from both labels as well as ‘Goldfinger’ and ‘Diamonds Are Forever’.  Beautiful packaged in a gatefold sleeve with the title ‘Disque d’or’ (gold record) embossed in gold.  The back of the sleeve just lists the 12 tracks but inside there are some colour and b/w photos (shown below).

A terrific album and a great addition to my collection.

SB - Disque D'Or

SB - Disque D'Or 2

SB - Disque D'Or 3



A release on the United Artists label this 12 track compilation was issued in Spain.  All of the tracks are from Shirley United Artists recordings.

When I first saw this album I thought it was a reissue of the ‘Something’ album  as it was advertised under that title.  As I collected and in fact still do collect records with different sleeves I ordered it and to be totally honest didn’t really take notice of the track listing as I had no need to play the record.  It was only later I noticed it had ‘This Is My Life’ on that I looked at the tracks.  Although the majority are from the ‘Something album it isn’t a straight reissue.  I’m not sure if the same album was released in Mexico but there is a Mexican 4 track EP with the same sleeve design.  A nice album with an unusual sleeve.

SB - Something Spain 2

SB - Something Spain 3

The Mexican EP sleeve:

SB - Something EP - Mexico