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Record sleeves from the past- 5

This is a really unusual release from America.  Issued in 1980 it is on the Loverich label.

Called ‘Send In The Clowns’ it is an abridged version of the United Artists album ‘Good, Bad But Beautiful’ and contains just 9 tracks.  The 3 missing tracks are ‘The Way We Were’, ‘I’ll Be Your Audience’ and ‘Living’.

I was not aware of this album’s existence until fairly recently and I have no idea as to the quality of it.  My copy is still factory sealed.  As far as I can make out Loverich was an independent label and very few copies were ever made of their releases – around maybe 500.  Their releases were normally unlicensed copies of major label records.  I guess then that they were copied from vinyl as they would not have master tapes to use.  They were distributed through Album Globe Distribution Co.Inc. of Tennessee.

A rare release and a nice addition to my collection.

SB - Send In The Clowns 3 - Loverich Label = America


Record Sleeves from the past – 4

From Italy this is a 14 track album on the Philips label.  It was issued in the ‘Success’ series.  Once again there is no date on the album for the year it was released.  All the tracks were initially released between 1957 – 1959.

In the late ’60’s Dame Shirley recorded material in Italian.  She was in exile at the time and married Italian Sergio Novak who became her manager.  She proved to be popular and appeared on Italian TV numerous times.  This album may have been released to coincide with her being in Italy quite a bit.  One of the more colourful sleeves it’s something a little different.


Record sleeves from the past – 3

This is a 16 track compilation album from Australia.  It was released on the EMI label.  As there is no date given on the album it is difficult to say when it was released.  All the tracks are from the ’60’s but the photo on the cover suggests it was issued later.

Shirley was extremely popular in Australia and toured there quite frequently.  There were albums released unique to Australia, this being one of them.  As far as I’m aware this one is quite rare and very rarely seen.  A very nice album and a lovely photo of Shirley on the front of the sleeve.  There are no other photos with the songs titles printed on the back of the cover.  As you can see from the titles listed on the cover all the tracks are from her Columbia recordings.