Going Going Gone


Here is a very short clip from the Magical Fantasia Fashion Ball in Mayfair, London on 10th June 2002. It was organised by the charity National Kidney Research Fund.

And what better song to go with an auction then this wonderful version of “Going going gone” from the album “Never never never”. The song was actually recorded for the 1976 BBC-show but rejected. (Special thanks to David for the clip)

A message came from Audrey and this is what she said about the clip: “I loved the pictures of DSB from the GMTV- programme. This must have been some little while ago as it is John Leslie pictured with her and he was sacked from GMTV many moons ago, but I am sure there are others with much more knowledge than I have who will enlighten you further.” (Thanks Audrey)

Note: my part of the blog will be on holiday for two weeks.

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The Recording of the 80th. Birthday Show at the ITV Studio


Saturday night was the recording of the 80th. birthday show at the ITV studio in London with host David Walliams.


Dame Shirley performed 7 songs and sounded great and looked gorgeous. The recording took about 3 hours. It was a small studio and there were about 500 people in the audience. Unfortunately lots of people had to be disappointed and could not get in.

I had a very good view on the stage and sat close to Tim and Paul Joseph (It’s got to be Bassey)

The show will be broadcast on Christmas eve on BBC 1.

Host David Walliams did a few interviews with Dame Shirley Bassey but it was a bit of History Repeating as they were the same questions (and answers) as in former shows. In that sense a bit of a missed opportunity in my opinion. Don’t know if his jokes were all appreciated by Dame Shirley as she said she just wanted to sing. Of course some parts had to be done over and over again and Dame Shirley was being very patient. She also clearly stated there will be no more concerts and tours. Of course I don’t know what will be edited out once shown on TV but we can only hope that no songs will be edited out. The orchestra was conducted by Michael Alexander and sounded fabulous. Unlike on the 60th. Birthday Show in October 1996 we did not get a chance to sing Happy Birthday for Dame Shirley. On the Message Board and on other social media you can read how other fans experienced the recording of the show.


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