Goldfinger -Clip from French TV-

As we continue on the theme Its’ Got To Be Bassey we have today a very old vintage clip (lip sync) from French TV from a program called La Grande Lucarne broadcast May 31 in1965.

If you CLICK HERE you can vote for Dame Shirley to sing the next James Bond theme.

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 It’s Got To Be Bassey

Here you can read the story about the making of the The video  shot over three weeks, sees UK Bond fans Paul Joseph and Tim Benzie deploying a startling range of locations and props (including some gold body paint) to show history’s various Bonds that the Welsh singer deserves to sing one more theme. The pair has also set up a Facebook page to aid their campaign to get Shirley Bassey involved in “Spectre,” which will be the 24th Bond film and is due to be released in October this year Continue reading…………

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James Bond Spectre Theme Song Campaign Video #ItsGotToBeBassey

The video’s creators describe as: “2 men … 24 Bond films … 294 seconds … Watch us add ourselves seamlessly into EVERY Bond film (including Spectre) to tell all the 007s who we think should sing the theme song for Spectre … It’s got to be Bassey.”

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