DSB’s tribute to sir Bruce Forsyth

Dame Shirley Bassey from The Palladium: Almost Like Being In Love/This Can’t Be Love. Looking fabulous and sounding GREAT.

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1978 The year of Dame Shirley’s 25th. anniversary. Below a newspaper article from March that year when she visited a performance by Danny La Rue. 

She has been great friends with him for a very long time till his death in 2009. Danny was also involved in the 1993 (second) This Is Your Life that Dame Shirley did and in 1970 she joked that she came back from her exile in Switzerland because HE was trying to take HER place!

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DSB on Sir Bruce’s tribute on Sunday -Preview-


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In 1970 EMI Odeon in Spain released a series of compilation. albums in called ‘Gigantes De La Cancion’.  Translated into English it means ‘Giants of the song’.  There were 30 albums issued and the compilation album of Shirley’s recordings was ‘Vol 5’.

The album consisted of 12 tracks and all were taken from Shirley’s Columbia recordings. Obviously included were some of her hits such as ‘Goldfinger’ and ‘What Now My Love’ there others which were popular with fans.  These included ‘Till’ and ‘Somewhere’.  The cover photo on the sleeve was the photo used on Shirley’s UA album ‘I’ve Got A Song For You’.  The reverse of the sleeve carries the same photo but in black/white and lists the tracks and also all the 30 artists in the series.

SB - Gigantes De La Cancion Vol 5 a - Spain

SB - Gigantes De La Cancion Vol 5 a 2 -Spain

EMI Odeon also decided to release the abum as a special club edition with a completely different sleeve.  The record itself carries the same title although there is no title on the sleeve.  The tracks are in the same order as on the original album.  Printed on the record label is ‘Edición especial para DISCOLIBRO’.

SB - Gigantes De La Cancion Vol 5 - Spain

I’m not sure why but the record company also released the album under the title ‘The Giants’.  The album sleeve is just the same as the original album.  It also has the same catalogue number.

SB - The Giants - Spain


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