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On behalf of the Blog Team and all fans we wish Dame Shirley Bassey a wonderful birthday! As featured image the most recent picture of her looking gorgeous as always. Below a video of her two birthday shows featuring a selection of her most favourite songs she sang at her 80th. birthday special. Or as she stated at the recording of the show:   ‘All I want to do is sing’!!!

Happy New Year!


The Blog Team would like to wish everybody a happy and healthy New Year.
Jill from Vancouver made a beautiful Dame Shirley calendar and here is the first month: January.

Scan_20191209 (2) - Copy

Scan_20191225 (5).jpg

“Best wishes to you all!”

She is an icon, a legend that delights fans worldwide, and supports the LGBT + community. My reverence and love! *(This video I made with love and it was approved for publication by her – the one and only …. my lovely Dame Shirley Bassey! Tender kisses from Porto Alegre, Brazil, and best wishes to all her fans around the world!).

Dame Shirley Bassey on ITV’s Christmas Show

A fabulous looking and sounding Dame Shirley Bassey tonight on ITV’s Christmas Show.

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