Today 5 random articles from 1966. It was Shirley Bassey’s first year for United Artists and also the filming of the Show Of The Week and The Andy Williams Show.

Duets # 37

For this Video Showcase the wonderful duet Shirley Bassey did with Michael Ball on his 1994 TV show.
Finally a duet with somebody who can match with her vocally, her fellow country man, Michael Ball.
Song: ‘When I Fall In Love’. For previous posts CLICK HERE and CLICK HERE.


Today a few pages from the biography of British-American singer-songwriter, composer and record producer Scott Walker that mention Shirley Bassey. A flyer from Melbourne from 1965 and a ticket for the recording of a TV show called Night Club.

Duets # 36

Today a duet by Shirley Bassey and Bruce Forsyth from his 1991 Easter Show. Song is the Barbra Streisand/Don Johnson duet Till I Loved You

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1991 AG (blog)

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