[REMIX] Gold (Hitdrums Hip Hop Instrumental featuring Shirley Bassey vocals)

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8 thoughts on “[REMIX] Gold (Hitdrums Hip Hop Instrumental featuring Shirley Bassey vocals)”

  1. Dame Shirley is best left alone to sing a song completely without
    manipulation – and certainly this version, ‘Gold’ doesn’t allow any vocals to shine through this repetitive, dreary Remix.


  2. not the best no and not everyones taste but commenters should respect others genre of music instead of being horrible. these mixers and producers is bringing shirley bassey voice to new people and should be thanked


    1. Your support is admirable, Drew. It’s just that there’s not enough vocals on this particular remix. Some of the remixes we’ve heard do work really well. I’m interested to know what DSB gets out of it…. Are there royalties paid etc. Also, with this ‘Gold’ remix you’d have to wonder how much the DJ knew of DSB and her vocal work of the past. I’m all for getting Shirley’s fabulous repertoire out to a new audience. Dame Shirley has also done an amazing job of attracting new audiences over many years and continues to do so.


  3. With the technology available on any PC or Mac, any amateur can do this kind of mash up. To describe them as mixers and producers is being a bit too generous. Outside of this blog hardly anyone will hear this.


    1. As a postscript to an earlier comment I left on the Blog, my sense is the ‘artist’ has no say or control over these sorts of remixes and inevitably will cop the flak or crticism. However Jamie I take your point…. it isn’t as if this is an international CD release. Still, we fans value hearing DSB at her best, always.


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