Song Written for Dame Shirley Bassey – Never The Bride Perform “Tiger Bay”

Video from Never The Bride Youtube.

4 thoughts on “Song Written for Dame Shirley Bassey – Never The Bride Perform “Tiger Bay””

  1. I would like to hear what Dame Shirley Could do with that song ,but THE LIVING TREE, Which the Girls NEVER THE BRIDE also wrote for Dame Shirley was, & Still Is A BASSEY CLASSIC, Just Love It,,
    Performing it LIVE in CARDIFF, UNFORGETABLE .
    i see you are a Night Owl Like Myself Claudia, 3 50 A.M, If you can go back to Latest Comments ,SOUND OF APPLAUSE/ LE GRAND STUDIO Dated ,6th MARCH You will find the Photos of Me With Dame Shirley Taken in 1963, And 1995 which Pieter Added to the Blogg,,Only You Asked If i had seen Shirley LIVE IN CONCERT ,I sent them to Pieter on the 2nd & 7th of Feb, hope you can find them.

    Dennis c.i


    1. Up late again Dennis. Wow, that must have been some experience. Did you seem nice, and receptive to you? I will look for them, and let you know if I find them. I like her singing the Living Tree also. I love her new CD compilation…”The Performance”. Good morning….LOL!!!!! Oh, do you live in the US? I do.


  2. Claudia,,Dame Shirley As you will see was kind eneough to have her photograph & to Autograph My programme in her Dressing room in Leicester [U.K] 1n1963 , 50 years ago i was 23 & Shirley 26 at the time,
    No i don,t live in the us, i live in JERSEY the CHANNEL ISLANDS ,


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